Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What we can learn

Days after the earthquake and tsunami disaster, Japan has to face one more big problem: nuclear power plant explosion(s). We've already seen the serious damages, severe injuries, numbers of victims, and how the survivors struggling to go through all of these. Amid growing fear of radioactive contamination, they're trying to get their life survived.

But one thing that has been touching my heart is..

There's no looting there. No crime. No lawlessness. These are not happening in Japan. Looting is something usual we see after the tragedy, when everyone get everything in their hands, without paying, without asking for permission, they take things no matter who it belongs to. But once again, these are not happening in Japan, as the journalist reported.
The foreign journalists said how the Japanese amazed them.
The survivors calmly queue in line, waiting for their turns to accept water and food. Waiting for the radioactive examination. The Supermarket cut the good's prices, the vending machine let people 'buy' drink, food, or whatever it sells without they need to pay. Japanese, as you see in news, they work together to survive.

What can we learn from them? You tell me. :')

Oh and this is the link of Japanese's tweets hours after the quake and tsunami. Must read. Touching and Inspiring. :)

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