Friday, September 30, 2011

Legendary Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

One week in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery :)

We met the legend of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery last Wednesday.
He really hypnotized us with his intelligence and knowledge!
One thing I know, he's listed as one of best surgeon in the world, specialized in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.
Once I tried googling his name and.. I was amazed with what articles linked to him Mr. Google found out.
Before we started our discuss session, he'd told us to keep growing up our nationalism.
Make your teachers proud,
make your country honored to have you,
he said.
We're good, we're capable of performing heart surgery.
You don't need to send your patients to foreign.
Let world knows we succeed one difficult heart surgery!

After one hour speech motivate us to love our country more, he suddenly said,
"One assignment! Analyze the cost of open heart surgery in Indonesia."
And he left us in silence.
Weird tittle for medical students' referat, don't you think?
Anyone can help? :/

A very hectic shift at ward. Tiring and sleepless night! -_-

And our days in General Surgery Polyclinic, URJ RSU Dr. Soetomo Surabaya, 4th floor :)

Another message from one of Digestive Surgeon:
Him: "Ris, do you have passion in surgery? Do you want to be a surgeon?"
Me: *smiling* "Unfortunately no, doc."
Him: "Good. I think it's better for you to have a surgeon than be a surgeon."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Digestive Surgery, One Favorite Journey

A week spent in Digestive Surgery listed as one of my favorite learning journey.
If you ask me why, I might explain you in more than an hour.
I got the palpitation before meeting the staffs and acute stomachache before having session to discuss.
I also had experience witnessing amazing surgeries performed by our great teachers.

I thank our amazing lecturers for giving up their time to have discussions with these "still do not know anything" Dokter Muda(s) hahahah :p
They not only taught as a lot, but also motivated us to be better, not to be lazy (and lazier than now) and challenged us not to be inferior than doctors from abroad.
Quoted from dr. Iwan K, Sp.B-KBD, "Successful persons only do the necessary things. They choose read textbooks instead of novels."

Photos taken when we had break:
(note that we never escaped from our duties!)

Having Nasi Padang as lunch before night shift. Yumm! :9

The next day's morning report, we got Dunkin Donuts from Monica aka Bunce!
We had waited for more than an half hour until Eja and Bunce came to Room and annouced that... "Today's morning report has been canceled guys. Seriously you don't know?"

Me and Bonita had chance to escape for a while when Sholat Jum'at's break. We beautifully took very short nap at Kamar DM Anestesi. Thank your for lending us bedroom, Teman Sejawat Anestesi!

This cute photo :))
Very tired Hore's girls fell asleep (tiredness caused by night shift) while had waited for the next class began:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprising Pediatric Surgery

When Team Hore's separated into two small groups which each consist of three hore-ish dokter muda (co-assistant).....

Introducing Team Hore kloter kedua: me, Bonita and Yuga!

And our everyday(s) in Poli Bedah Umum (General Surgery Clinic):

At least one hundred patients visit this clinic on weekdays. Our task is to analyze what diseased caused the patient's chief complain. Most of the times, the residents gave us a slight smile seeing our analysis written in patient's medical record. Without any word came out from mouth, they took a pen and gave correction everywhere :))

This is the documentation of my first surgery shift in OK with Anggi :D

That night, we got chances to observe (only observe hihihi) three different operations: Appendectomy and Trepanation (Is it same as Craniotomy?)
The last surgery, trepanation, was held for about more than 8 hours,
and it hadn't finished yet. (!)
Can you imagine how tiring it is to stay concentrating and focus on one object for eight hours?
I gave my applause to neurology surgeons (and one of them was a LADY!)
for having strength and good stamina to perform trepanation!

Anyway do you realize something? Yes, I have new haircut!
Does it look good on me? :)

And take a look at Mr. Pooh Bear's book which is going to be my friend on weekend:

Winnie the Pooh on Management - Roger E. Allen

Please dear Pooh, don't make a mess on my weekends will ya? :D

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Photobox!

We really had fun....!

After Exam Celebration

After finishing Neurology OSCE exam...

(medical) Students need a way to release all that pent up energy.
We need something to look forward to by throwing a little party at the end!
And having fun with best mates after stressful weeks are the best choice to re-boost up spirit for the next stop. Agree yes? :)

After that celebration, me and Anggi still have a (bismillah: last) shift that has to be accomplished. It was one hectic night shift, but thanks to kind-hearted neuro resident, dr. Deby... She made it more fun! :)

Thank you Neurology for the last five weeks....
There's nothing more I want to hear except the news we pass the exams. Bismillah! :D

And the next round is: SURGERY.

Wish us thousands of luck. :|

Stopped for Two Days at Medical Rehabilitation

Two days will not be enough to discover Medical Rehabilitation.... :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friendly Welcome to Neurology

4 weeks already since I've been in Neurology Department....
Might be (too) late to upload photos, but late is better than never :]

And meet me on night shift...

Just few days ago, my digital camera memory card just got corrupted,
and I lost so many important photos which I haven't transferred to laptop yet.
A big loss :(
I noted that: I should backup stuff more often!