Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waving Goodbye to 2011

When I wrote this, it's only few hours left to year 2012. Everyone is celebrating, and from my 2nd floor room, I can hear the fireworks in smooth rainy evening. Some people says that celebrating the new year's eve by party is too much, but I still keep in my mind that welcoming the new year is a must; to look back what we have achieved over the last year, and to look forward what we're going to achieve the next year. ;)

This is a list of victories and glorious moment (both big and small, important and unimportant) I've accomplished *yeay*:

1. Finally Bachelor of Medicine. Graduation!
2. Becoming a part of RSU Dr. Soetomo Surabaya as co-assistant.
3. Having Tim Hore as my best friends :')
4. I WEAR DENTAL BRACKETS! (Despite the fact that I hate going to dentist so much hahaha)
5. Owning my first digital camera and start to complete my blog posts with photos.
6. Start learning to cook. I successfully made (delicious hopefully) beef curry!
7. Cut off my hair to short one, after years spending time with long curly hair.
8. And with my new hair cut, almost everyone says I look like Ayu ting ting.
9. Writing posts in English. Confidence comes first~
10. Learning to speak Javanese: I'll use it more often in hospital. I can pronounce "Matur Nuwun", "Sami-sami", "Nggih" without made it sounds medok *phew*
11. Had chances to meet the legend of Thorax and Cardiovascular Surgery. He's beyond great!
12. Succeeding pediatric exams, alhamdulillah :')
13. And still many things to be grateful....

So yes, look ahead, and plan for the next great things. I'm done couting up accomplishments, and starts make a list what I'm going to accomplish next year. :)
Ones of them are: graduating from medical school, becoming a medical doctor and start writing something not blog post.
Have you made your plans? Go take some time and list a thing!

Akemashite omedetou! Happy New Year 2012! :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get Yourself Protected from Pediatric Infectious and Tropical Disease

Believe it or not, patients we took care of were most with Diptheria!
This infection diphtheria actually should has been eradicated by vaccines.
But not all Indonesian were well educated and because of its problems in information transmission, vaccine programs were not going well in other poverty areas. Everyday in emergency room, we had at least one patient came with this infectious disease!
However, the disease remains endemic in other parts of Indonesia. :(

Get vaccinated now so that you will be protected all season long. Have you? ;)

Next week I'll have an oral exam! Wish me, and us, the best of success on the examinations. :)

Experience in The Work of Base Pediatric Polyclinic

Another postponed post, hehe. :p

Sending my warmest greetings to kind hearted pediatric resident works in Polyclinic: dearest dr. Herlin :)
She's so nice (did I sound like pronounce one of famous sausage?) and she likes to teach. I wish all pediatric residents were just like her, the one who doesn't yell, shout nor get high tension every each day!
May you stay healthy during the pregnancy, doc, to both mommy and baby! And wish you a happy parenting also! :)

Ah iya, we also had the nice discussion with dr. Satrio Budiman Sp.A,
he answered what I was so curious about pediatric, he was open to any question :D
A great teacher has to be knowledgeable and sharing indeed; not like any other seniors, he brought us the real vaccine vials and explained one by one!
Once again, the great teacher is always willing to help his students, and dr. Satrio is included here. :)

And do not forget to always WISH US LUCK FOR THE EXAMS! :D

Standing Toughly Against Cardiology, Nephrology and Endocrinology

It's like I've not been signing in into blogspot very long time, and finally I made my time posting this and that to repay my pending ones. Booyeah!

So I learned (and still learning) all about heart, kidneys and hormones in a week. Well, although I made a hard try to define murmur, I still.. can't. :p
Dear (pediatric) cardiologist, wondering what are your ears made from?
I must admit that they're even better than Littman stethoscope!
And kidneys... We presented two cases in forum, and successfully got beat up severely by the senior. Ha!

And exam weeks are coming soon!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hectic Hematology

Hematology Division was so hectic till I couldn't take photos as much as usual... :(

Visiting 20 more patients in the morning and writing all the reports in a row were really tiring..
Then I looked up to them and saw them smiling,
to re-boost my spirit, to give me extra energy,
so I can be more patient after being yelled. :D

Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me. :)
(Mean - Taylor Swift)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cute Babies at Neonatology Division

Love working around the babies... Cute! :D

Go fight your way.. No matter how others humiliate you...

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pediatric Allergy and Respirology

Done one heavy week in Pediatric Allergy and Respirology :D

Lemme introduce the beautiful Miss Sietske Hoekstra, our new dutch friend :D

Aaah I am really sorry for not writing much on this post! Still lotsa to do! Adios!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Impressing Orthopaedic and Traumatology

Though I only had three effective days at this department, I learned a lot... :)

I'd like to say BIGGEST THANKS to our a fully week PBL's tutor
dr. Primadenny Ariesa A.,Sp.OT...
He's truly kindhearted and one kind of genius,
and in his (very) young age, he'd reached the tittle and had gone internationally well-known! :D
Also, the sentence I've to bold, that he PATIENTLY taught three of us who'd been empty headed still... Thank you dr. Denny, for your big understanding to our stress caused by (spooky) OSCE exams. May Allah reply all of your kindness by brighten up your career, amin amin ya rabbal alamin :)

I send my wishes to chiefs dr. Anthony and dr. Ray Hendry...
Thank you dr. Anthony for realizing that I'm truly Javanese (he recognized it only by my name :D),
also dr. Ray Hendry (and of course dr. Anthony) for being very friendly teaching us just before another discussion with dr. Denny began, so (at least) we could say something and answer dr. Denny's questions on next discussion....
By the way I was amazed by dr. Ray's fluent English, and knowing he's foreign medical graduates (You're the man, doc!) makes me reaalllyyy want to go abroad to further my medical education and own an international career... Someday, bismillah :)

And this is a pic I took inside one of (class)room... It's written in Japanese!
To know that one of my great teachers has been sharing his knowledge among the foreign... Ah a proud (medical) student here!

DONE 8 weeks in SURGERY! Ready for another battle in Pediatric Department!
Bismillahirrohmanirrohiiimm.... :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Brightened by Neurosurgery

So why brightened? Look at photos below which I took from pictures hanging on the wall. Inspiring! :)

Two discussion that had been stolen my heart. (Aish!)
First, session with dr. Joni Wahyudi Sp.BS, one very busy neurosurgeon.
I'll remind me myself for always being nice and staying responsible for patients' care. :)
He said loudly, "Don't try to be a doctor if you're not clever and responsible person."
And second session goes to dr. Agus Turchan Sp.BS's time!
"Your parents only want you to study. That's the best thing you can give to your parents as feedback, to pay all your college's expensive tuition and fees... They don't want the money back, they only want to see you study and succeed everything."
And that moment when he looked and pointed at me saying,
"You're good!" :')

These are the most favorite things on the week.... :D

How I love Pooh Bear and cute block notes! I bought the note for only 3300 rupiahs each. Best buy! :D

And one week remaining before OSCE exam! More and more bismillah! :'(

By the way it's 28th of October and lemme say:
Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda! :)