Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Greetings from Internal Medicine

I got Internal Medicine as my first round of being Co-Ass, and all the seniors I asked about their experiences, told me that I am so damn lucky. They said Internal Medicine is basic of Medical science, and me, (still) can't stop being amazed of the textbooks we have to read. Okay, this is the basic. Once I succeed this major lab, the next labs will be easier, as they said. The only thing I could say to this statement is just.. Amin ya rabbalalamin..

Every morning we have to report all the patients that came to hospital, and this session's called with Morning Report (MR). Below, I brought you little pieces of pictures we had taken before MR began... ;p

I'm not that fat! :(

L to R: Bonita, me, Monica, Anggi and Aizzi (She's malaysian fyi!)

Still, long long long journey at this department.. Wish me luck, readers! :)

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