Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Culinary track

I went koper-ing to Jakarta and Bandung this holiday, and what I've brought to you dear readers, is my little note about the good foods I've tried.. Nom nom nom! ;p

1. Nasi Goreng Kereta
Pretty good! 15,000 rp deserves this fried rice.

2. Eaton's Cheesecake
A very good looking cheesecake! I felt the cheese, yet I didn't taste any sugar, any sweetness in it. The silly me, I never knew that Eaton's available in Surabaya (somewhere at Tunjungan Plaza). Haha.

3. Suiss' Steak
Well, I ordered Black Pepper Tenderloin Steak and Strawberry Juice.
For this delicious steak, you just have to pay only 40,000 rp! Recommended!

4. Bakmi GM
This is it! The legendary Bakmi GM! Sorry Jakartans, this king of Bakmi failed me. Ooooh and for this bowl of pangsit mie, I had to wait for about 30 minutes on waiting list at Bakmi GM PIM!

5. Leko's Iga Penyet
I'm sure that you will wonder why I should eat leko in Grand Indonesia. The history was, one of Jakartans told me that there's huge difference between leko's sambal in Jakarta and Surabaya. What he said lead me to curiosity, so I decided to try a portion of Iga Penyet. I was quite shocked when opened the list of menu! Iga Penyet's price became more expensive here (about 31,500 rp - in Surabaya, only 20,000 rp). I suddenly thanked God that I live in Surabaya. Hahaha.

5. Nasi Timbel Bakar at Kampung Daun
That was my first time eating Nasi Timbel Bakar. Tagged price, about 40,000 rp. The thing I love the most about this Kampung Daun is.. the view! One day I will have my candle light dinner here with BF! ;p

6. Surabi Imoet
Located (somewhere) on Setiabudi street, Bandung. Two thumbs up!! You should try Surabi Sosis Spesial and Surabi Oreo! For each only about 6,000 rp!

Next on my trip, I really want to try eating at Nanny's pavilion and Maja's house. And mie kocok, mie yamin and others! See you very soon, Bandung!

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