Thursday, March 31, 2011


You might be older a year or two years,
but it doesn't mean you have rights to underestimate and be that arrogant to us just because you're.. senior. Kthxbye.

-Us, while waiting for the captain dealing laboratory examination's appointment

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another day

Spent lot of times at Poli Interna 2. We captured ourselves on that many photos, doesn't mean we had nothing to do. These were taken while waiting for gentlemen praying sholat Jum'at. ;)

Learn! Learn! Learn! Don't be (too lazy) to enrich your knowledge!
If you can't help yourself, who else will? :)

The Power of Sisterhood

Lucky you who has sisters or brothers!
Go thank God for what Allah has already gave to your life!
Trust me, though you fight each other every day, they're the ones you can really count on.
That means..
Micah, you owe me a lot!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My life would suck without you. :)

First Greetings from Internal Medicine

I got Internal Medicine as my first round of being Co-Ass, and all the seniors I asked about their experiences, told me that I am so damn lucky. They said Internal Medicine is basic of Medical science, and me, (still) can't stop being amazed of the textbooks we have to read. Okay, this is the basic. Once I succeed this major lab, the next labs will be easier, as they said. The only thing I could say to this statement is just.. Amin ya rabbalalamin..

Every morning we have to report all the patients that came to hospital, and this session's called with Morning Report (MR). Below, I brought you little pieces of pictures we had taken before MR began... ;p

I'm not that fat! :(

L to R: Bonita, me, Monica, Anggi and Aizzi (She's malaysian fyi!)

Still, long long long journey at this department.. Wish me luck, readers! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Identity Card

This morning I got identity card for Co-ass (Dokter Muda), both sadness and happiness, mixed into one weird feeling..

This card comes with great responsibilities, and it's even harder for me to believe that I've already gone this far..
I don't ask any more than passed-successfully-exams, going-smoothly-duty and being-nice-seniors.. Hehe.
I may not be perfect in every single thing I do, but I'll do my best. :)

Oh, you have to know that there's one chronic disease that incurable, very infectious, and getting more serious day by day, and this disease's called with..
Narcissism. :P

One more wish, I want to have my own daily diary of being Co-ass like these:
L to R: Metamorphosis by Meta Hanindita, Cado-cado Kuadrat and Cado-cado by Ferdiriva Hamzah

Please Allah, make everything easier and strengthen me to be better.. Amin ya rabbalalamin. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What we can learn

Days after the earthquake and tsunami disaster, Japan has to face one more big problem: nuclear power plant explosion(s). We've already seen the serious damages, severe injuries, numbers of victims, and how the survivors struggling to go through all of these. Amid growing fear of radioactive contamination, they're trying to get their life survived.

But one thing that has been touching my heart is..

There's no looting there. No crime. No lawlessness. These are not happening in Japan. Looting is something usual we see after the tragedy, when everyone get everything in their hands, without paying, without asking for permission, they take things no matter who it belongs to. But once again, these are not happening in Japan, as the journalist reported.
The foreign journalists said how the Japanese amazed them.
The survivors calmly queue in line, waiting for their turns to accept water and food. Waiting for the radioactive examination. The Supermarket cut the good's prices, the vending machine let people 'buy' drink, food, or whatever it sells without they need to pay. Japanese, as you see in news, they work together to survive.

What can we learn from them? You tell me. :')

Oh and this is the link of Japanese's tweets hours after the quake and tsunami. Must read. Touching and Inspiring. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't wake me up

If this is a dream, please, don't wake me up..

Lines of the Day

"Iya, rugi kalau stress, mending kita bekerja keras.
Wali kelasku pernah memberi motivasi yang sangat mengena di hati.
Katanya, kalau ingin sukses dan berprestasi dalam bidang apapun,
maka lakukanlah dengan prinsip,
'saajtahidu fauqa mustawa al-akhar'.
Bahwa aku akan berjuang dengan usaha diatas rata-rata
yang dilakukan orang lain.
Fahimta. Ngerti kan?"
(Said to Alif, in Negeri 5 Menara by A. Fuadi)

Inspiring! :)

New Member at Home :D

I got new a friend, a new family member at home. Guess who she is! ;)
Got her from a florist [a man in his average age, selling anggrek, door to door riding his old bike] that whom my Mum brought compost for her other plants from. I was accompanying Mum, saw this one beautiful anggrek, then fell in love with her at the first sight. Hee.
I was (and still I am) totally blind in anggrek and how to take care of it. Indeed, I still do not know what kind of anggrek I'm owning now. Anyone please kindly tell me what species she is? So I can easily give her a name. Yes, a name. :]
By only giving her water, she grows so fast, and she's already bloomed! Happiness! Thought I should learn further about how to grow an anggrek. This is getting interesting. I really hope I'll have one more anggrek so she has friend to talk to. Night everyone!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My deep condolences


I was crying when I saw how the big, big and big tsunami hit the town of Sendai, which located on northern side of Tokyo. I lost my words, being so speechless, then made sure that this was not hoax, not another movie scene. It really happened. 8.9 magnitude quake caused (more than) serious damage, many injuries and fire. The tsunami brought buildings and houses; carried cars and another public transportation, made everything floating in water. This quake was the Japan's biggest in last seven years. I just couldn't imagine how panic the citizens were, what kind of mess happened there after the tsunami swept everything. Victims are still counted until now, but last time government reported that over 1.000 people killed after a powerful tsunami, hundreds are still missing, and I know this numbers will increase day by day.


P.S. Why I didn't categorize this post in 'Just Saying' though this post contains words only? Because I am praying, not just saying. Hang on, Japan. :)


Pradik is another one step closer to hospitality life. Pradik stands for pra-pendidikan, and we learned everything we should know to survive our new chapter at hospital: how to face the patients, how to manage hospital documents, how to protect ourselves from infection, and how to how to and others.
We were being busy noting what lecturer said (because there was post-test after the session), and we really didn't want to fail at the test. Alhamdulillah, all of us passed succesfully, and to celebrate the little graduation, we took photos as usual. Hehe. This is it:

R to L: Petrix, Elix, Wina, Dian, me, Sari, Oliv, Emma

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bachelor

after 4 years of crying (ah too much) and struggling.. finally! :)
NB: My photo up there is sooo... messy. I could pose better, actually. Geez.

Little Princess

My Little Princess Akiko - Picture taken by me
find her here

Reason NOT to..

Reason NOT to go into medicine:
your parents want you to,
you want to be rich,
and you think medicine is just like House or Scrubs.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

I choose you

Wherever I go, my heart always comes back to you,
Picture from here

Janji Dokter Muda

Congratulations, dear ARTSENS! :)
25th February 2011 - Janji Dokter Muda

Never forget this RSU Dr. Soetomo's motto,
Saya akan senantiasa mengutamakan kesehatan penderita.
For the new steps, for another beginning, bismillahirrohmanirrohim..
I promise you, as long as you're trying, I'm staying.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Even if the sky..

So don't worry,
you are my only,
you won't be lonely,
even if the sky is falling down..

Jay Sean - Down


23rd February 2011,
when the Dean announced that all of ARTSENS, the bach of 2007..
passed the judicium.
Simply means that we're officialy.. S.Ked!

Alhamdulillah ya Allah.
We're clinical posting senior student/co-ass/Dokter Muda now. :)

L to R: Dian, Sari, me, Oliv, Emma, Wina

L to R: Petrix, Elix, Sari, Dian, me, Oliv, Emma, Wina

Thank you Angels, I really hope we'll graduate next judicium together, again.. :)

Culinary track

I went koper-ing to Jakarta and Bandung this holiday, and what I've brought to you dear readers, is my little note about the good foods I've tried.. Nom nom nom! ;p

1. Nasi Goreng Kereta
Pretty good! 15,000 rp deserves this fried rice.

2. Eaton's Cheesecake
A very good looking cheesecake! I felt the cheese, yet I didn't taste any sugar, any sweetness in it. The silly me, I never knew that Eaton's available in Surabaya (somewhere at Tunjungan Plaza). Haha.

3. Suiss' Steak
Well, I ordered Black Pepper Tenderloin Steak and Strawberry Juice.
For this delicious steak, you just have to pay only 40,000 rp! Recommended!

4. Bakmi GM
This is it! The legendary Bakmi GM! Sorry Jakartans, this king of Bakmi failed me. Ooooh and for this bowl of pangsit mie, I had to wait for about 30 minutes on waiting list at Bakmi GM PIM!

5. Leko's Iga Penyet
I'm sure that you will wonder why I should eat leko in Grand Indonesia. The history was, one of Jakartans told me that there's huge difference between leko's sambal in Jakarta and Surabaya. What he said lead me to curiosity, so I decided to try a portion of Iga Penyet. I was quite shocked when opened the list of menu! Iga Penyet's price became more expensive here (about 31,500 rp - in Surabaya, only 20,000 rp). I suddenly thanked God that I live in Surabaya. Hahaha.

5. Nasi Timbel Bakar at Kampung Daun
That was my first time eating Nasi Timbel Bakar. Tagged price, about 40,000 rp. The thing I love the most about this Kampung Daun is.. the view! One day I will have my candle light dinner here with BF! ;p

6. Surabi Imoet
Located (somewhere) on Setiabudi street, Bandung. Two thumbs up!! You should try Surabi Sosis Spesial and Surabi Oreo! For each only about 6,000 rp!

Next on my trip, I really want to try eating at Nanny's pavilion and Maja's house. And mie kocok, mie yamin and others! See you very soon, Bandung!