Monday, March 26, 2018

Forever Grateful

When I felt like giving up, Allah sent me a miracle.
I am forever grateful. 

"I'll tell you that you're pretty until you get bored. And I'll keep telling you. I'll keep on telling you daily," he puts me on the lock screen of his phone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Polyglot

You're like a star, in daylight even if you may be invisible, they're always shining in the sky
You just don't realise because it's bright out there
When the night comes and everything is dark, you'll be shining brighter than anything else

You're already working so hard, I'm sure you can keep doing it
You're helping so many people
I feel really bad I can't be with you there all the time, but I know you're strong, you're definitely stronger
I can't be physically with you, but if you need someone to listen I'll call you
Just please hang in there, you're doing a wonderful job

"I'll call you tonight?"
- my favorite Polyglot :)

Saturday, March 17, 2018


"Ever since we first we met until now, I've always admired you.
You were always there, shining bright just like the sun.
You are kind, you are strong, and above everything else I really admire how hardworking you are.

It doesn't matter if we've been a part for so long,
I've always known that no matter where you are,
you'll always be caring of others.

I wish I could have been there with you all along,
but I cannot travel back through time.

This time around, I promise that I will be there for you and support you achieve your dreams."


"What if I am not ready yet?"


"You can have all the time you need."

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Space to Grow

"You gave him so much of your self. You gave him everything and still, he treated you as if none of it was good enough. The arguments, the tension, the late night crying out of depression and frustration. The sadness. The sorrow. The overthinking about things that never deserved to be on your mind. He hurt you and you apologised. He left you and he blamed your self.

It's okay. You are okay, I promise.

You can't keep things that don't deserve to stay. You can't find life in dead things. You can't find love, holding on to someone who's incapable of loving and protecting you. You can't hold of someone who convinced you that you were no longer important.

It's time to pick your heart up off the ground and give the love you've wasted, just to yourself. Your family. Your best friends. Your passion. Your dreams. And someone in the future.

This is it. Don't change your self. You are good enough.
You are pretty. You are smart. The most important, you are a sweet heart.

You deserve so much more than you what you've had."

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I Get to Love You

One day in emergency department, I met one adorable elderly couple. 
The wife was lying in bed, holding her husband's hands.
I asked the husband, "How do you manage to stay together for 60 years?"

"Because it's her. My wife needs me and I can't possibly leave her."


"Whatever may come, your heart I will choose."
Ruelle - I get to love you

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

About a Traveler

I could never get bored listening to someone's travel stories..

And whilst listening, I secretly whisper, "May someday I will travel around the world, go o every country, every city and I share my story with sparkling eyes just you're doing.."

Budapest, one of my travel bucket list :D (Picture is from here)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Man I Love

Maybe I annoy you with my choices
Well, you annoy me sometimes too with your voice
But that ain't enough for me
To move out and move on

I remember when I said I wanted our future home to be all white, you looked so terribly annoyed
When I bought everything in pink, you always said 'it's so you'
and When I stopped by a shop seeing a cute Pooh stuff, you smiled, and secretly bought it for me later
I hate admitting that your instinct toward what I wanted was always right
You always came at right time with right things to carry for me
A little sweet surprise you gave me
Was the presence of you, the man I love

We don't have to hurry
You can take as long as you want
I'm holding steady
And my heart's at home
With my hand behind you
I will catch you if you fall

I was trying to holding on to what I'd been believing
I trusted my heart in you
That you would neither drop it off
Nor break it up
I believed you would catch me whenever I fall
Whenever life knock us down to our knees

Sometimes the world can make you feel
You're not welcome anymore
And you beat yourself up
You let yourself get mad
And in those times when you stop loving
The man I adore
You could relax
Because babe, I got your back
I got you

The world is dark and cruel place
That sometimes I felt myself unwanted
And I was told I were playing victim
But I am a survivor
I am stronger beyond that
The suffering I didn't share to anyone in this cruel world
I shared it with you
The one I believed
The one that always got my back
The one I called the man I love

I don't wish to change you
You've got it under control
You wake up each day different
Another reason for me to keep holding on
I'm not attached to any way you're showing up
I'm just gonna love you like the man I love

I didn't want you to change
To someone I didn't know
But you actually did, unconsciously
You gave me no reason to keep staying
I want my heart back in place
Inside the warm hands of the man I loved..

The woman I love - Jason Mraz