Monday, March 14, 2011

New Member at Home :D

I got new a friend, a new family member at home. Guess who she is! ;)
Got her from a florist [a man in his average age, selling anggrek, door to door riding his old bike] that whom my Mum brought compost for her other plants from. I was accompanying Mum, saw this one beautiful anggrek, then fell in love with her at the first sight. Hee.
I was (and still I am) totally blind in anggrek and how to take care of it. Indeed, I still do not know what kind of anggrek I'm owning now. Anyone please kindly tell me what species she is? So I can easily give her a name. Yes, a name. :]
By only giving her water, she grows so fast, and she's already bloomed! Happiness! Thought I should learn further about how to grow an anggrek. This is getting interesting. I really hope I'll have one more anggrek so she has friend to talk to. Night everyone!

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