Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good times at Cardiovascular Department

Two weeks more at Cardiovascular Department.
Two times test: pre and post.
Two different lecturers in two weeks morning report.
And three times meeting the killer Mami D. Jackpot!

And my last shift at bangsal with Bonita :D

Guess what. Our dinners (ayam and tempe penyet) were eaten by CAT while we were examining patients. Then we decided to go to minimarket besides the bangsal to get a cup of instant noodle and coffee. Hiks.

Aaaaaannddd we celebrated one of members' birthday. Otanjoubi omedeto mb Cilla! Many happy returns!

Lasso gathering

Happy to see senior high school friends at reunion! :)
The reunion was held spontaneously, I got the message about this gathering just few hours before the time. Luckily I was able to come. Yippiy kaa-yeay!

Everything comes in black and white.
Bad and good.
Sadness and happiness.
Picture above represent this phrase.
Well yes, everything has to be balanced.
By the way, the man who sat next to me is Hardiyanto, he was a... legend. :p

Thank you Dilla, my juni-high school friends who attended this reunion for taking picture. She's now chipret's (my seni-high school mate) best friend. This world seems small, and smaller nowadays!

Tropical Disease and Infection Station

Spent two weeks at Tropical Disease and Infection station.
Since Indonesia is one of country that has two seasons,
Dr. Soetomo General Hospital is one good..
err best place to learn tropical diseases ;p

We ordered delivery of Gotri, and I chose Tamie goreng sapi as lunch before having night shift :p

And other favorable spot is..
Kamar DM (Private room for Co-asisstent), you'll be hypnotized to fall asleep for hours when you're on shift. Beware!

Tropical disease such as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, Typhoid Fever, Gasteroenteritis (diarrhea) are our daily meals. We almost have new patients infected by these virus or bacteria everyday. And important for (soon to be, amen!) general physician like us, to differentiate DHF, Typhoid Fever and Malaria by the type of fever. Simply means, you have to exercise how to take the history of illness well. Happy learning!

We also have patients with HIV infection (ODHA - Orang dengan HIV AIDS) here. We take a good care of them at UPIPI (if I'm not mistaken, UPIPI stands for Unit Perawatan Intensif Pasien Intermediet. Correct me If I'm wrong!), and the sad thing is, almost all of them who hospitalized have developed to AIDS, not only HIV infection. AIDS is one of the staging of HIV infection, and it has been severe illness. Deficiency of CD4 makes patients loss their immunities, and cause them get infected by virus and bacteria easily. I always have to face the death of UPIPI's patients when I'm on my shift. Protect yourself from the infection of HIV, dear readers. :(

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Time

Happy saturday night people! :)

Like this night is full of concert, or at least something happening in town.. We got Justin Bieber (!) in Bogor and McFly in Surabaya. I'm happy for the growth of Indonesia tourism board, it proves that all fame will be guaranteed to be safe while they're coming to this beloved country. :)

I missed that two big events, and I have to keep staying at home due to Monday's discussion with one killer doctor. Read, read, read the prints or Monday will be the worst day. And I decided to date these cardiology handbooks. Geez.

Back to top, although I am NOT a belieber (if I'm not mistaken, fans of JB called themselves as beliebers. CMIIW ya!), it won't be a shame for me to confess that he's talented! He sings, he plays drum, he plays piano, and HE DOESN'T LIPSYNC. I wonder why there's still lot of people who can't stop humiliating him! Wait, in life, we don't have rights to underestimate others, right? :)

So please stop saying bad about him. He might not look cool to you, but trust me, you are not even better than him. I'm not JB minded, I tell you, I just can't accept people writing something that can bring him down. Please appreciate what he gives to his fans. You are really impolite, dear people, how dare you tell JB as trash without knowing his hard works?

Everyone is valuable. No one can be underestimated.
One time, as JB said,
there's a day when the ones you made a fool of, shine brighter than the way you do. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you committing suicide?

To those who easily committee suicide
just because they're broken hearted,
they should visit the intensive care unit..
I guarantee they will all thank God for their presences,
because they will see how hard the patients,
are struggling to stay alive..

Graduation, Celebration

Graduation ceremony which was held on Saturday, April 7th 2011 at Auditorium, Kampus C Airlangga University..
I present you pictures. Have a joy! :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


First of all,
I thank The Almighty for showing me
who friends are and who enemies are. :)

I start to agree that when we're in stressed situation, we can show others "the real side of us", and you even don't recognize it. Today, I found out some interesting things, some made me laugh, some made me half disappointed and half upset. Hehe. I just can't believe they did it.
After all the things we did together.

So I try telling myself not to believe in every kindness given by others. Don't expect too much or you'll hurt your self.
Only your family and your lover do care. :)

Life won't be fair, so far,
and you have to struggle against that unfairness.
To everyone who has the same experience with me, lemme say,
Good luck!

NB: I ended up my shift with two "departures". I just (still) can't accept this failure. Yes, failure. :(
Then one of my friend came and spread the magic spells:
"You can't save everyone.
You just have to accept that as long as you do your best to save people,
it will be okay.
You'll be fine!
Just keep doing what you do, and help as many people as possible!
If you can do that, you're awesome."

One thing needs correction: I've been awesome since I was baby. Haha!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

God up there

People always see when you do wrong, but never see when you do right.
But, God up there always watches over you..

Well said! :)

Thank you The Polyclinic-Internal Medicine II RSDS

Time runs so fast!
It has been two weeks in Polyclinic and we have to say goodbye..
And it will be hard to be ready for moving out from this place.
Friendly friends,
kind-hearted teachers,
and not so hectic daily activities! (except night shift at IRD hehe)
Why is Polyclinic round only two weeks? We want mooorrreee! ;p

I found this at Polyclinic. Click image to enlarge and go enjoy reading. :)

Teammates! We'll never be in same group again, dear seniors.
Thank you for being so nice and super patient facing the newbies at Coass' world. ;)

And one more, biggest thanks we dedicate to two seniors we do respect of: dr. Cahyo Wibisono and dr. Agus Toha,
who are going to complete their residencies soon,
thank you for patiently teaching us. We wish you more and more success! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a big fan

One midnight, I tweeted one of singer I admire asking whether he has plans to perform in Surabaya.. And he replied. And he followed me back. What a downed to earth star. I'm surely your huge fan, @bayurisa! :)

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