Monday, November 3, 2014

31 Day Blog Challenge: Accepted!

It took a whole week to get me enough nerve to accept this challenge. Thinking of my leisure time, I decided (bravely) to accept this challenge. Beside that, I thought it's such a fun way to improve my english and writing skills. I may not make it in 31 days, but hey yes, let's go!

31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1 : Intro and recent photo
Day 2 : Meaning of your blog name
Day 3 : Why do you blog
Day 4 : Your favorite 5 blogs
Day 5 : Share: Best advice you've ever got
Day 6 : Something for your kids to know
Day 7 : Memories : What's your earliest one
Day 8 : Tell me : Currently reading anything
Day 9 : What's in your purse
Day 10 : Share : Old photos of your self
Day 11 : Your favorite 10 songs right now
Day 12 : Share : Your bucket list
Day 13 : Something you've been putting off
Day 14 : Memories : Been to any concerts
Day 15 : Tell me : How are you like your ma/pa
Day 16 : What's the thing you've wanted to do, but haven't (yet)
Day 17 : Where do you work
Day 18 : Your favorite : Childhood Books
Day 19 : 20 facts about your self
Day 20 : Something you're trying to figure out
Day 21 : Memories : Where've you traveled
Day 22 : Tell me : What you want to do for a living
Day 23 : What's your schedule like
Day 24 : Three things : 2 true and 1 false
Day 25 : Your favorite : Recipe and comfort food
Day 26 : Share : A difficult time in your life
Day 27 : Something you miss
Day 28 : Memories : Top 5 moments in your life
Day 29 : Tell me : Your 5 dreams
Day 30 : What's in your bags
Day 31 : Your favorite : Hobbies and way to spend down time

I remember, when I was asked about my hobby by the professor during the interview of residency entrance exam, I spontaneously answered "Blogging." Then he looked amazed, asked me again: "So how many scientific articles or journals of yours that have been published?" 
His question left me in silence for a while.
"Unfortunately I only write my daily activies, thoughts, happening issues. My blog is my virtual diary." 
(Which I was certain that my answer dissapointed him. And I regret why not I told him that my hobby is reading or something else that's more simple.) 

So this is it! Even it's only about daily things, not scientific one, I'm pretty sure it will be a progress in my writing journey, and this challenge allows me to practice and improve my skill in a (future) professional setting. Wish me luck! And anyone who are also intereted in, go join the challenge and have fun! :)