Monday, November 3, 2014

31 Day Blog Challenge: Accepted!

It took a whole week to get me enough nerve to accept this challenge. Thinking of my leisure time, I decided (bravely) to accept this challenge. Beside that, I thought it's such a fun way to improve my english and writing skills. I may not make it in 31 days, but hey yes, let's go!

31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1 : Intro and recent photo
Day 2 : Meaning of your blog name
Day 3 : Why do you blog
Day 4 : Your favorite 5 blogs
Day 5 : Share: Best advice you've ever got
Day 6 : Something for your kids to know
Day 7 : Memories : What's your earliest one
Day 8 : Tell me : Currently reading anything
Day 9 : What's in your purse
Day 10 : Share : Old photos of your self
Day 11 : Your favorite 10 songs right now
Day 12 : Share : Your bucket list
Day 13 : Something you've been putting off
Day 14 : Memories : Been to any concerts
Day 15 : Tell me : How are you like your ma/pa
Day 16 : What's the thing you've wanted to do, but haven't (yet)
Day 17 : Where do you work
Day 18 : Your favorite : Childhood Books
Day 19 : 20 facts about your self
Day 20 : Something you're trying to figure out
Day 21 : Memories : Where've you traveled
Day 22 : Tell me : What you want to do for a living
Day 23 : What's your schedule like
Day 24 : Three things : 2 true and 1 false
Day 25 : Your favorite : Recipe and comfort food
Day 26 : Share : A difficult time in your life
Day 27 : Something you miss
Day 28 : Memories : Top 5 moments in your life
Day 29 : Tell me : Your 5 dreams
Day 30 : What's in your bags
Day 31 : Your favorite : Hobbies and way to spend down time

I remember, when I was asked about my hobby by the professor during the interview of residency entrance exam, I spontaneously answered "Blogging." Then he looked amazed, asked me again: "So how many scientific articles or journals of yours that have been published?" 
His question left me in silence for a while.
"Unfortunately I only write my daily activies, thoughts, happening issues. My blog is my virtual diary." 
(Which I was certain that my answer dissapointed him. And I regret why not I told him that my hobby is reading or something else that's more simple.) 

So this is it! Even it's only about daily things, not scientific one, I'm pretty sure it will be a progress in my writing journey, and this challenge allows me to practice and improve my skill in a (future) professional setting. Wish me luck! And anyone who are also intereted in, go join the challenge and have fun! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

To Zero Point

It's been a long, rough and tough journey. But I'm glad finally I got enough guts up to fight against my self. And this is the right time to drown all the sorrow and make my own time to heal all the pain. 

Why I end up here is a first question that I have to answer before keep going on writing. I just don't know. Maybe by throwing up some sentences that sound trashy, it can lift up most of burden on my shoulders without being asked by anyone else. The best therapy I need: silence and peace.

Failure is not that bad, you know? It will bring you to zero point, a silent and peaceful place where you can introspect, to look up to your self with your own conscious thoughts and feelings. To investigate the steps you went wrong. To evaluate the result you have achieved. To realize that actually you have nothing permanently, so when you have it, you will appreciate more.

Zero point is where you surrender all the worries to Allah, put trust in Him, and let Him decide.

Please welcome me, zero point. I promise I will be good. :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Today is my favorite day...because today is my birthday. ;)

This sweetest wishes started my day: Short-duration video of how my boyfriend making his own birthday wishes. Enjoy! :)

Sara Bareilles - I choose you as backsound

At first, eventhough he already apologized for many, many times, I felt lil bit disappointed that he couldn't sing happy birthday song directly in front of me. But when I saw this video, I forgave him for not being beside me, on 12 am of July 4th. This little surprise is more than enough, right? :)

Few hours later after sahur, I went to hospital to attend MKDU class. I had been struggling so hard to survive. Beside feeling sleepy after having video call with him until late night, I had been feeling unwell. My throat badly hurts. I lost my voice the day before and had slight fever (which I diagnosed my self having annoying acute pharyngitis) that made me really, really wanted to skip class. But thank God, I survived.

I'd been in bed all day because this sore throat, coughing and headache. Believe it or not, I took a nap for...mmm..about...5 hours? :/
Still feeling (lil bit..really, just a lil bit) disappointed for not-coming-home boyfriend, I woke up and went downstairs to living room. There, I found my lovely and beloved little sister brought me birthday present. She got me a backpack which is just similar to hers (which I gave her on her birthday), but in different colour, in my favorite colour. She's such a sweet that she wants me to wear the same backpack as hers so we look like twins. My little sister. :)

My little sister, Akiko, whom I had infected same virus to, so we both caught flu.
Thank you for not putting candles of number on my birthday cake. Hahahahahahaha. 
Love you dedeeek...

I had iftar (break-fasting) dinner at a restaurant in middle of town. I was enjoying my chicken corn soup when I saw this cute little girl..not..this cute mommy carrying cuter daugther in her arms. Thank you baby Cinta for coming to celebrate!

Emma and her daughter, Cinta. Emma is my best friend since first day of college. I'd seen her ups and downs, and I'm happy to see her now surrounded by happiness. Let's make wish together, baby Cinta!

And when I got home.... Look who's been there! :)

It's undescribable feeling that you've been longing for someone and Boom, he is here. The one who stand up with me since beginning. Thank you for still wanting me eventhough I'm that uneasy to deal with. I'm grateful for yout ability to compete my Alay-ness. :p You're the sunshine in my sky, you're the rainbow after the hard rain, and you're the silver lining in darkest cloud. (Cie....) Your availability for 24 hours means a lot to me. You always tell to dream high, but never forget to remind me to work hard(er than anyone else) to achieve it. To help me to close my eyes from what I don't want to see, to close my ears from what I don't want to hear. You, just like papa, always tell me to give more to others, to help more without expecting anything in return. To always keep me away from cruel heart. Thank you for being such a sweet and reliable boyfriend anyone could ask for. :) 

His suprises never fail.  Thank you for putting extra effort to make my birthday more special. 
Pooh you! :)

He took a day off from work and came home to succeed my birthday surprise. I know, I'm a lucky girl. :) At first he had told me that he couldn't take days off to come home, but he is just being him, if he told me that he would come, it won't be a surprise. Don't be worry, I already forgive your lie this time. :p

And this is my birthday gift from him. He even consulted with a cardiology chief resident what type of stethoscope that suitable for (new) resident. Thank you dear, may with this new tool, I can learn better. Amiin! 

Guess which type it is! :)

Also, I want to say my biggest thank you(s) to all my bestfriends who congratulate me in such a sweet way. May all the good wishes go to you as well!

Dear Olivia, I know you are bored to hear this, but let me say again, I love you to the back and bones, thank you for always being there, for not judging me and talking behind my back, and thank you for always being whom I can trust. With you, I learn to tolerate differences. I think we should show world how to live a life and make peace: that eventhough we're different, we can make best friendship works. 

Hey soul sister from another mother! I have no words to explain how fortunate I am to have you, especially when I felt homesick during internship year. I love to listen to your stories, and I miss those quality time we had, just another chit chat times. Just remember that I will be always here, next to you, to help you deal with all the uncertainties and make peace with it. I love you Cwike!

Hi my fave pediatrician soon-to-be! She's the one who taught me that boiled broccoli tastes (unexpectedly) pretty good. :p Thank you berry, berry much for your warm welcome. Thank you for being a good listener. Next meet up is a must!

Dearest Agit, my partner in achieving dream. This time we might not make it together, but someday, just like what I've been always believing in, we will make our dreams come true. You have always been such a source of support for me and I hope to offer the same in return. I am looking forward to our new partnership. Let's bring this to higher level! 

I also want to thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes that can't be mentioned one by one here. But I'll try to make photo collage of the wishes. Thank you everyone, the same wishes go to you as well. :)

"Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, dear Allah, I praise and thank You for all the blessings that You showered upon me. Thank You for giving me this life. Thank You for the best parents, Mama and Papa, and please bless them with good health, happiness, and prosperity. Thank You for my lovely little sister, may succees follow her, attend her efforts. I'm thankful for a warm house and loving family. Thank You Allah for sweet, awesome and encouraging boyfriend, please bless him with greater success and shower him with happiness. Thank You for giving me best friends, my life has been much better when they're near. May all their dreams come true.
Thank You dear Allah for choosing live this beautiful life."