Sunday, January 24, 2010

his name is TODAY

We are guilty of many errors and many faults,
but our worst crime is abandoring the children,
neglecting the fountain of life,
Many of the thing we need can wait,
the child can not.

Right now is the time,
his bones are being formed,
his blood being made,
and his sense are being developed.

To him we can not answer tomorrow,
his name is TODAY.

Gabriel Mistral.

apa nih tis?
hahahha ini puisi yang diselipkan oleh salah satu dosen saya waktu mengajarkan kuliah :p
beliau seorang dokter spesialisa anak, hehe,
keliatan kan dari beberapa baris diatas yang menyebutkan kata 'children'?

this is one of my dream,
my ideal job,
the one that i really want to be,
and to study I can not answer tommorow,
because every second of this day is a way to reach my dream. ehiy! :D

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