Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chasing The Idol

Today morning, I and my best buddy Sari, went chasing a famous ophtalmologist to Majapahit Hotel.
It turned out to be an extraordinary Saturday morning. :)

Knowing that the doctor, dr. Ferdiriva Hamzah, Sp.M, coming to town attending Meeting of Indonesian Opthalmologist Association, I bravely tweeted him:
Doc, if you still stay in Surabaya, would you mind if I ask for you signing my books? Thank you :D
And he replieeeed! So this is how my (one of) fave writer chasing journey begins. :)

We were waiting for him sitting in the hotel lobby and observing around, to look for a man who has the similarity to dr. Ferdiriva by analyzing his twitter display picture. Hahaha!
Doc, please, you should change your display picture with self portrait, taken with the front facing camera,
so your fans will easily recognize you! ;D

Oiya, dr. Ferdiriva is very humble and extremely friendly! He even greeted us first! :)

Try reading his books! :)


He signed my books, and wrote this also:

"Dear Titis, Semoga Cepat Jadi Dokter yang Sukses!"
(Dear Titis, be a successful doctor very soon!)

Thank you dr. Riva and Sari, for saving my gloomy weekend. :)

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