Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank you!

Last July 4th, I celebrated my birthday. Thank you my bestfriends for taking part in celebrating! :)

So after one sleepless night (hahaha silly galauness!!), accompanied by my dear Olivia through the phone,
I came to school with uncomfortable and painful swollen eyes, fighting heavy drowsiness.
Been trying to reduce these puffy eyes by cold compress! It helped yet some of groupmates somehow realized it and said: "Today is yours. Go enjoy it!"
Hahaha, of course I will, mate! Thank you for reminding me! :')

That day, on may way to Department's Office, they suddenly came out and surprised me bringing this cake.

This little surprise made my day! :) :)

From them I got this cute teddy bear! Can't thank you enough! :)

As feedback to little surprise, I asked them for lunch! I really miss Hore's quality time!

And went to karaoke session!

As I grow older, I learned lots in my life. I gained many advices. I also made uncountable mistakes.
But these are all I need to grow up, to be more mature.
I smiled, I laughed, I cried and I enjoyed every pieces.
I analyzed and I concluded everything from my point of view.
I thank Allah for ones who have became and who will always be part of my life.
They helped me to reach a step closer to the top, (I might be only on half way point of my life now!),
so I really want to use my birthday wishes for their health, prosperity and everlasting happiness,
to everyone who has helped me go further on my path,
to everyone who has been a reason for me to smile and to cry.
I owe you a priceless lesson. :)
Thank you everyone for the most remember-able and memorable birthday gift.
Thank you for the birthday wishes also! :)

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