Saturday, July 28, 2012

To Let Go and Move On

Holding on is being brave, 
but letting go and moving on is often what makes us stronger. (Ano)

Truly true. She once thought that she wouldn't give up on something she could go a day without thinking about... She promised to herself that she will fight for it no matter what. She wanted all over the world to know her, struggling against everything, to get it back. 
Those were hardest days. She tried to fake a smile. Every line she sent always ended with ":)" or "<=-p" (on one of famous messenger) which actually not. It should be like these: ":(", ":'(", or emotionally ">:O". She's been tired of pretending. It (ridiculously) hurt. It shed lots of bitter tears. It was not easy. It had never been. :)

She's been patient long enough. Harder than he knows. Not to be appreciated, been rejected... She smiled. What else he has to do to punish her? 

But she is now fully awake. Finally. :)

If he wants to leave, just let him go. Don't cry over his "departure", but smile for every memory he had left. Never believe in any reason, because if he loves her, he will make an effort to stay. :)

She can see clearly that he didn't do anything to change the situation, he didn't try at all, he even cheated on her. (!!) If he means it, she knows he will take a little step. But in fact, he didn't. She might have reached the limit of patience. Been enough to be treated like this. Been lowering her pride (A girl should be chased, not chasing!) only to make him feel her presence.

After all, she concludes that he's not worth waiting. :)

She has to let go. She doesn't want to drown in this sea of sadness. It's beyond pathetic and it wastes time. She has to move forward. She really would not like to wait for a guy who didn't make any try. It is not about letting everything flow. Your life has been written by the Almighty... But if you really want something, you will fight for it, true? You will struggle to, right? You don't keep sitting there and waiting for everything happens as it flow. Who's with me? :)

This post might be only an expression of disappointment. A deep, deep disappointment. 
I emotionally wrote this, so if this hurts anybody's feeling, I really want to apologize from the deepest part of my heart. Really, I didn't mean to. Life is about forgiving, isn't it? :)

If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this.... No, Mr. Levine, a happy ending does exist. If it's not ended happily, you've still not reached the ending yet. I am the one to blame if your fairytale doesn't have happy ending. ;)

Ikhlas? Insya Allah. :)

Dear you, she loves you like no other. :)
It will always be like that. Always.

NB: Inspired by someone's love story that's really not simple. A relationship is not only about to love, but also to forgive and forget. I dedicate this post to all broken hearted girls. You better let go and move on! Because there's someone somewhere out there waiting for you to come! Be brave and be strong! :)

By the way, I'd found this when I wanted to examine fetal heart beat of one patient this morning. 
I curiously asked a mummy-soon-to-be, "Are you fan of this football club, Mam?"
Then she answered with a smile, "Not me. My husband is."
"He lends me his phone, which has been added with songs of Mozart that I can listen to everytime (to stimulate baby's brain development). He also said that he put this sticker to remind me of him (he's a big fan of AC Milan), so I will always remember him as he is beside me right now."

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Anindita Primiari said...

nangis tiis baca ini... I don't know whose love story is this, but.. you know.. your words cannot be more beautiful and more precise of describing what me myself cannot describe. Thankyou for the beautiful words! I'm a fan of your writings :')