Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waving Goodbye to 2011

When I wrote this, it's only few hours left to year 2012. Everyone is celebrating, and from my 2nd floor room, I can hear the fireworks in smooth rainy evening. Some people says that celebrating the new year's eve by party is too much, but I still keep in my mind that welcoming the new year is a must; to look back what we have achieved over the last year, and to look forward what we're going to achieve the next year. ;)

This is a list of victories and glorious moment (both big and small, important and unimportant) I've accomplished *yeay*:

1. Finally Bachelor of Medicine. Graduation!
2. Becoming a part of RSU Dr. Soetomo Surabaya as co-assistant.
3. Having Tim Hore as my best friends :')
4. I WEAR DENTAL BRACKETS! (Despite the fact that I hate going to dentist so much hahaha)
5. Owning my first digital camera and start to complete my blog posts with photos.
6. Start learning to cook. I successfully made (delicious hopefully) beef curry!
7. Cut off my hair to short one, after years spending time with long curly hair.
8. And with my new hair cut, almost everyone says I look like Ayu ting ting.
9. Writing posts in English. Confidence comes first~
10. Learning to speak Javanese: I'll use it more often in hospital. I can pronounce "Matur Nuwun", "Sami-sami", "Nggih" without made it sounds medok *phew*
11. Had chances to meet the legend of Thorax and Cardiovascular Surgery. He's beyond great!
12. Succeeding pediatric exams, alhamdulillah :')
13. And still many things to be grateful....

So yes, look ahead, and plan for the next great things. I'm done couting up accomplishments, and starts make a list what I'm going to accomplish next year. :)
Ones of them are: graduating from medical school, becoming a medical doctor and start writing something not blog post.
Have you made your plans? Go take some time and list a thing!

Akemashite omedetou! Happy New Year 2012! :)

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Zidny said...

have you met the "legendary" punk d*mn?