Saturday, January 14, 2012

Went For Home Visit

Tim Hore went home visiting yesterday to Gresik and Lamongan... Called it a very short escape from daily routine :)

We had Nasi Krawu as breakfast. There are lots of delicious breakfast around Gresik, but our choice went to that famous Nasi Krawu!

And had lunch at Rumah Makan Bandeng Pak Elan :D

Everything was fine until I drank a full glass of Legen and got drank of it. I vomitted all the thing I had eat, throwed it to closet yet still felt nausea. Well, dad never let me drink Legen before, and it was my first time of experience tasting Legen. And from that on,
I promise it was the last time I drink Legen!
And daddy I am sorry for breaking the ruuulllleee!

We got lost on our way to patient's house. Reza said, it was not easy for being an Ayu Tingting. Mencari alamat is freakingly tiring, as he said, and we laughed it off and togetherly sang "Alamat Palsu" completely with its cengkok! Ke sana kemaaari mencari alamat *dengdeng*

But I had fuuuuuuuuuuun!

We planned for the next visit and another short escape! Yeay!

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