Sunday, December 18, 2011

Experience in The Work of Base Pediatric Polyclinic

Another postponed post, hehe. :p

Sending my warmest greetings to kind hearted pediatric resident works in Polyclinic: dearest dr. Herlin :)
She's so nice (did I sound like pronounce one of famous sausage?) and she likes to teach. I wish all pediatric residents were just like her, the one who doesn't yell, shout nor get high tension every each day!
May you stay healthy during the pregnancy, doc, to both mommy and baby! And wish you a happy parenting also! :)

Ah iya, we also had the nice discussion with dr. Satrio Budiman Sp.A,
he answered what I was so curious about pediatric, he was open to any question :D
A great teacher has to be knowledgeable and sharing indeed; not like any other seniors, he brought us the real vaccine vials and explained one by one!
Once again, the great teacher is always willing to help his students, and dr. Satrio is included here. :)

And do not forget to always WISH US LUCK FOR THE EXAMS! :D

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