Friday, October 28, 2011

Brightened by Neurosurgery

So why brightened? Look at photos below which I took from pictures hanging on the wall. Inspiring! :)

Two discussion that had been stolen my heart. (Aish!)
First, session with dr. Joni Wahyudi Sp.BS, one very busy neurosurgeon.
I'll remind me myself for always being nice and staying responsible for patients' care. :)
He said loudly, "Don't try to be a doctor if you're not clever and responsible person."
And second session goes to dr. Agus Turchan Sp.BS's time!
"Your parents only want you to study. That's the best thing you can give to your parents as feedback, to pay all your college's expensive tuition and fees... They don't want the money back, they only want to see you study and succeed everything."
And that moment when he looked and pointed at me saying,
"You're good!" :')

These are the most favorite things on the week.... :D

How I love Pooh Bear and cute block notes! I bought the note for only 3300 rupiahs each. Best buy! :D

And one week remaining before OSCE exam! More and more bismillah! :'(

By the way it's 28th of October and lemme say:
Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda! :)

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