Friday, October 7, 2011

Head and Neck Surgery featuring Surgical Oncology

Uploading photos taken when we're in Head and Neck Surgery ~ Surgical Oncology Department....

And right after meeting the seniors, we went to Poli Onkologi Satu Atap (POSA), to where patients with tumors and cancers get their selves routinely checked up :)

Patients we met consisted of 90% diagnosed with Breast Cancer :(
They mostly came in loco-regional or advanced stage,
which means palliative care is the only way to treat the disease,
painkiller is the only thing they need.
Why did you seek doctors when the cancer's been developing to (more) malignant? What had you been waiting for?
This is our new duty as (becoming) general practitioner/GP,
to educate people to be more concern about illness, esp one life-threatening disease like cancer.
Early detection is the best way to beat the cancer, that's what I think! :)

Oh and always, two morning reports a week, together with Hore :D

CPC and Optek once a week :D

See what Papa brought for me and sist! :D

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