Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprising Pediatric Surgery

When Team Hore's separated into two small groups which each consist of three hore-ish dokter muda (co-assistant).....

Introducing Team Hore kloter kedua: me, Bonita and Yuga!

And our everyday(s) in Poli Bedah Umum (General Surgery Clinic):

At least one hundred patients visit this clinic on weekdays. Our task is to analyze what diseased caused the patient's chief complain. Most of the times, the residents gave us a slight smile seeing our analysis written in patient's medical record. Without any word came out from mouth, they took a pen and gave correction everywhere :))

This is the documentation of my first surgery shift in OK with Anggi :D

That night, we got chances to observe (only observe hihihi) three different operations: Appendectomy and Trepanation (Is it same as Craniotomy?)
The last surgery, trepanation, was held for about more than 8 hours,
and it hadn't finished yet. (!)
Can you imagine how tiring it is to stay concentrating and focus on one object for eight hours?
I gave my applause to neurology surgeons (and one of them was a LADY!)
for having strength and good stamina to perform trepanation!

Anyway do you realize something? Yes, I have new haircut!
Does it look good on me? :)

And take a look at Mr. Pooh Bear's book which is going to be my friend on weekend:

Winnie the Pooh on Management - Roger E. Allen

Please dear Pooh, don't make a mess on my weekends will ya? :D

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