Friday, September 9, 2011

After Exam Celebration

After finishing Neurology OSCE exam...

(medical) Students need a way to release all that pent up energy.
We need something to look forward to by throwing a little party at the end!
And having fun with best mates after stressful weeks are the best choice to re-boost up spirit for the next stop. Agree yes? :)

After that celebration, me and Anggi still have a (bismillah: last) shift that has to be accomplished. It was one hectic night shift, but thanks to kind-hearted neuro resident, dr. Deby... She made it more fun! :)

Thank you Neurology for the last five weeks....
There's nothing more I want to hear except the news we pass the exams. Bismillah! :D

And the next round is: SURGERY.

Wish us thousands of luck. :|

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