Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank you The Polyclinic-Internal Medicine II RSDS

Time runs so fast!
It has been two weeks in Polyclinic and we have to say goodbye..
And it will be hard to be ready for moving out from this place.
Friendly friends,
kind-hearted teachers,
and not so hectic daily activities! (except night shift at IRD hehe)
Why is Polyclinic round only two weeks? We want mooorrreee! ;p

I found this at Polyclinic. Click image to enlarge and go enjoy reading. :)

Teammates! We'll never be in same group again, dear seniors.
Thank you for being so nice and super patient facing the newbies at Coass' world. ;)

And one more, biggest thanks we dedicate to two seniors we do respect of: dr. Cahyo Wibisono and dr. Agus Toha,
who are going to complete their residencies soon,
thank you for patiently teaching us. We wish you more and more success! :)

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Muhammad Agus said...

waduh, baru liat foto ini...
makasih ya atas kebersamaannya...