Saturday, April 23, 2011

One Time

Happy saturday night people! :)

Like this night is full of concert, or at least something happening in town.. We got Justin Bieber (!) in Bogor and McFly in Surabaya. I'm happy for the growth of Indonesia tourism board, it proves that all fame will be guaranteed to be safe while they're coming to this beloved country. :)

I missed that two big events, and I have to keep staying at home due to Monday's discussion with one killer doctor. Read, read, read the prints or Monday will be the worst day. And I decided to date these cardiology handbooks. Geez.

Back to top, although I am NOT a belieber (if I'm not mistaken, fans of JB called themselves as beliebers. CMIIW ya!), it won't be a shame for me to confess that he's talented! He sings, he plays drum, he plays piano, and HE DOESN'T LIPSYNC. I wonder why there's still lot of people who can't stop humiliating him! Wait, in life, we don't have rights to underestimate others, right? :)

So please stop saying bad about him. He might not look cool to you, but trust me, you are not even better than him. I'm not JB minded, I tell you, I just can't accept people writing something that can bring him down. Please appreciate what he gives to his fans. You are really impolite, dear people, how dare you tell JB as trash without knowing his hard works?

Everyone is valuable. No one can be underestimated.
One time, as JB said,
there's a day when the ones you made a fool of, shine brighter than the way you do. :)

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