Thursday, April 7, 2011


First of all,
I thank The Almighty for showing me
who friends are and who enemies are. :)

I start to agree that when we're in stressed situation, we can show others "the real side of us", and you even don't recognize it. Today, I found out some interesting things, some made me laugh, some made me half disappointed and half upset. Hehe. I just can't believe they did it.
After all the things we did together.

So I try telling myself not to believe in every kindness given by others. Don't expect too much or you'll hurt your self.
Only your family and your lover do care. :)

Life won't be fair, so far,
and you have to struggle against that unfairness.
To everyone who has the same experience with me, lemme say,
Good luck!

NB: I ended up my shift with two "departures". I just (still) can't accept this failure. Yes, failure. :(
Then one of my friend came and spread the magic spells:
"You can't save everyone.
You just have to accept that as long as you do your best to save people,
it will be okay.
You'll be fine!
Just keep doing what you do, and help as many people as possible!
If you can do that, you're awesome."

One thing needs correction: I've been awesome since I was baby. Haha!

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