Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trip to Sarangan Lake

Whoa! I miss blogging to the moon and back!
Not because I was that busy and not having time to write... Well, I'm just suffering with loss of signal recently. My dearest team mate seccessfully fixed this poor strength signal problem, so here I am, ready to report the things that happened (esp about the holiday things), and be proud to bring you the photos! 

Remember we had one day off on last Thursday? We went to Sarangan Lake that day. Yes, one day trip to one of the famous lake located on East Java! Yeayness! :]

This picture was (not) beautifully taken by me. Not high-skilled in photography. Haha. *sob*

Sarangan Lake (in bahasa, Telaga Sarangan) is a natural lake that lies at the foor of Mount Lawu, southern slope of the mountain to be exactly, in Plaosan district, Magetan regency, East Java. It took two hours more (omagah!!) from Ngrambe, and two victims of its winding road found and diagnosed with travel sickness. I've had taken my dimenhydrinate pill before beginning this long journey, yet still, I felt nausea and heavy dizziness during the killing-two-hours. 

Sarangan Lake is one of Magetan's tourism. Around the lake, there are two-star hotels, motels and cottages.  I thought I'll be able to see the beautiful green pastures that lies beside the lake, and I was totally wrong, there are lots of souvenir shops and food vendors permanently built beside the lake. They sell everything, from the usual tourism shirt (white or black t shirted printed Telaga Sarangan in center of it, capitally) to wooden photo frames (which also the words Sarangan Lake written in its edge), from traditional snacks to various types of vegetables, from sate to mie ayam. *gulp* We had sate (satay) for lunch. But since I had no heart to eat the cute creatures with two long ears, I orderd chicken satay instead of the rabbit one. I just did not have a heart to grill Conny into satay..... :/

Look! 8 out of 10 chicken satay! With extra peanut sauce on it, yum!

I also found Leontopodium alpinum here! The symbol of endless love. :)

The mission won't be complete without renting the boat or horse riding over the lake. We only tried to ride the speed boat and errr...bebek2an (that's the way we called this boat, a floating watercraft designed to look like a duck.... yes, that's bebek2an!) To those who has vertigo or easily get motion sickness or seasick, steering bebek2an is really not recommended. All of us who tried riding this slow speed boat got dizziness right after. About the horse riding... Well, let the prince charming will be the one who rides the (white) horse to pick me up, and me no need to. Ha-ha-ha. 

I did have a great time! One day trip is tiring and exhausting, yet FUN! See you on the next escape! ;)

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