Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shortcut to Bali

Sunny Sunday and we planned to go on a picnic! :D
Candi Cetho (Cetho Temple) had been decided to be our next short trip destination. This temple is located on western slope of Mount Lawu (on the previous post, we visited Sarangan lake, which located on southern slope of the same mountain :D), on the border between central and east Java provinces. One hour needed to get there from our beloved boarding house in Ngrambe. The journey to this temple is challenging and arouses adrenaline,the road went up and downs, but all the anxiety, dizziness, feeling of unwell are paid off with the breaktaking scenery! Green everywhere, you can see the beautiful tea garden on both right and left side, love! <3 p="">

Don't ask for lunch. We again had satay! 

A high gate standing elegantly under the sky brought our memoris to the temple's gates in Bali, the God's island. That's why I named this post "Shortcut to Bali", the atmosphere here simply reminded us to that beautiful island. You must agree with me, no? ;)

In Javanese language, Cetho means clear or pure. As a place to worship the Siva God, this temple is decorated with a phallus statuse statue as a symbol of Siva. Fyi, phallus is statue which has penis look-alike. The main bulding is trapezoid shaped, located on the highest terrace of the land. Until now, this temple is still used by Hindu societies here for a worshiop ritual place. They put ritual sesajen (offerings) on the statue. When we were there being amazed with the scenery, the fog came down from the hills covering the temple area. 

And near the temple, there's a pura up on the hill, named Pura Kalisodo. :D

To sum up today, It was fun! And the trip was totally worth it! 
Looking forward to another trip! Who knows next time we will find 'shortcurt' to New York? :D