Saturday, March 9, 2013

Voice of Ngawi-rica

Yooo wassuuuuppp....! :D
Finally I arrived in Ngawi, my new place called 'home' for the next one year. 
I'm excited, but also lil bit scared about the adventure of it all. To be getting in new work place, to meet new people, to survive getting out from my comfort zone... Well, who doesn't feel afraid? 
Thank God for sending me good friends for accompany. They are the precious ones who will help me going through this challenging year. Since I'm far far away from home, they're all my new family. :)

L to R: Kenny, Ari, Iji, Aini, Elix, Dian, Ervina, me, Intan, Novina, Lisa, Wina, Putra, Leo

The first week in Ngawi, we had to complete the orientation (yes, just like what new employees do before start working) at Dinas Kesehatan Ngawi and RSUD Dr. Soeroto Ngawi. All the staff were nice and friendly. Hope all is going well. :D

And on March 8, one of our beloved roommate, Aini, had her birthday! We brought her baked brownies as birthday tart subtitute. Otanjoubi omedeto Ai! Wish you aaaalllllll the best! 

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