Monday, March 25, 2013

Enjoying New Life in Ngrambe, Ngawi

How are you dear readers? :D
It's good to be back again! After a week spent in city of Ngawi, we finally moved out to one of the village named Ngrambe, which located about one hour journey by car from the town. 

We have been already working in Puskesmas Ngrambe for (more than) 3 weeks. So far I can enjoy the new atmosphere I have to adapt. The people here are very friendly and nice. Hope I will be able to make new friends here!

One day, I had a chance to attend DDTK (Deteksi Dini Tumbuh Kembang) which held in dusun Manisharjo.  I was lucky to have time playing with kids, and I loved to take photos of them, they're incredibly photogenic! The midwives and kader were kiiiiiiinnnddd, and when it's finished and we were about going home, they offered us durian. Yum! I have eaten five pongge (okay, I'm ready to blame) until my partner, Mas Ari, said "Yesterday, when I was on my shift at emergency room, I got a patient with heart attack after eating big packages of durian. You must be careful then." I stopped chewing and soon after we arrived in puskesmas (health center), I asked friend to measure my blood pressure. Thank God it showed 100/70, I was afraid I got sudden hypertension attack et causa eating too much durian. Phew. Anyway, look how cute the kids my digital camera caught! They're effin' adorable! 

And today, we held health seminar about HIV-AIDS to barbers who works in Ngrambe. It went well, the audience kept paying attention to what we presented, and the crowd was gooood. Next, another same-themed seminar in Balai Desa. Yosh! 

The post won't be complete without me telling you the culinary track here. Here are some of my fave. No more sushi, no pizza, no friend chicken, but I enjoy the food which tastes delicious. Yet, nothing can beat my mom's cook :p

Most Favorite! Since I am a noodle lover, I acclaimed this is the best noodle in town, eh, village!

Bakso Bakar, suitable for your afternoon snack. :p

And this!! I made Abon Ayam on sunny Sunday with Ibu Kost. She's very good at cooking!

That's enough for this post. Gonna update soon! Wish me not to be homesick and be able to stay strong living separated from home, please. Thank you for stopping by! See ya!

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