Sunday, December 9, 2012


First and foremost I would like to sincerely thank The Almighty, to express my gratitude to Allah Subhana Wa Taaala for providing me the blessings to complete this study. The Most Beneficent Allah, The Most Merciful, for all His guidance dan giving while I was preparing, doing and finishing this 5,5 years of journey. I know without Him, I wouldn't make it this far. Without His help, nothing could have been achieved. :)

I also would like to thank my parents for the belief and confidence they had me. They're the best parents. They allowed me to realize my own potential and all the support they have provided me over the years was the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. Without them, I may never have gotten to where I am today.
Papa, Mama, thank you for putting all the confidence in me, which has inspired me to do things that I never would have thought possible. I love you both! :')

To my little princess Micah, words fail to describe how much I love you. Thank you for (Sometimes... No. Often.) messing up my works, my sleep hours, and my study times. The one and only little sister who has been supportive of me every step of the way, my hard-working papers assistant; who's stopping me when I'm about to make a mistakes, and always pushing me to try even harder to make things perfect.

I am truly grateful to my Boyf, who makes my life complete in every sense. I feel so blessed to have him by my side. I'm incredibly lucky to have you, and your unconditional love and support throughout my life. Thank you for keep telling me not to lose hope even on the lowest point, to always make me believe that even the darkest cloud has a silver lining. I pooh you. Stay close, don't go. :)

I would also like to acknowledge my colleagues: Team Hore: Monica, Reza, Anggi, Bonita and Yuga, thank you for this 5,5 years. You all keep me (in)sane! Angels: Olivia, Emma, Dian, Wina, Sari, Trixie and Elix, for the sweet girls talks. I love you! :) Kelompok belajar UKDI: Zettira, Sofi, Laras, Mbak Mita, Nella and Yayas, they're all the excellent teachers and mentors I've ever had.

I'm overwhelmed in thinking about the many people Allah has placed in life who have made this achievement possible. Thank You once again Allah. Finally I can say, "Maaaaaa, kakak luluuuuuuuuuss!!" :')

I'm so proud of my alma mater, Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University. :)

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