Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pulorejos Went On A Very Short Vacation

Glad to be back! Just like what I've promised you, I'll post some photos from our very short vacation. During our stay in Jombang, we were often stressed out because of our jobs. We really would like to have fun, but still want our jobs get finished. And to refresh and clear our mind, we went for much places that provided pleasures, to balance work and play. (Actually we went for cullinary trip! Hahaha!) :D

1. Waduk Selorejo, Ngantang, Malang (Selorejo Dam, District of Ngantang, Malang Regency)

Selorejo Dam is one of the dams which located in the area of East Java. This dam is surrounded by hills and Anjasmoro mountains, makes dam itself look more beautiful. Along the way to the Selorejo Dam, you'll be amazed by fascinating natural scenary. Although you have to walked up and down the streets to r each here, it'll be worth it!

Ah we also ride the boat. One of the priceless experiences! :D



Enjoy the delicious local food! Fried wader (Is it right if I say "tilapia fish"?), mujair, tombro and shrimp with Indonesian chilli sauce (known as sambal) will be ready to fill in your empty tummy. You should try and you'll find your self craving it again and again!  


2. Tivoli Restaurant, Jombang Regency

A famous restaurant on KH. Wachid Hasyim street... This restaurant was recommended by everyone who's finished Community Medicine program. I give 7 for place, 6 for (famous) ice cream, and 6 for main course. Not bad, but also not that good indeed! One thing that made me dissapointed most is service's that really slow. :( But still, I recommend you to visit here and have some lunch!


3. Penyetan Nggudo, Jombang Regency

Javanese fried chicken covered by javanese chilli sauce. :D


3. Cuban Rondo Waterfall, Malang Regency
Cuban (or it's Coban?) Rondo waterfall is a beautiful waterfall on the slope of Panderman Mount resort    that's about 32 km west from Malang. We went here after we'd visited Selorejo Dam just before. This tourism object's located in the middle of the forest yet still easy to be reached. The air here is cool and fresh! Very recommended to help your body and mind feel refreshed. :D

4. Batu Night Spectaculer, Batu, Malang Regency

BNS is one of the preferred place of recreation you've to visit during your Community Medicine program. Located in the city of Malang, it took about 2 hours from Pulorejo, Jombang. This place is only opened at night, and I'll suggest you not to go on weekends because it'll be full of people there and it makes the visit not enjoyable! :p

There are a variety of exciting rides that you can try. But I only went for lampion garden, because I really dislike atrtraction that needs the adrenaline rush. Hehehe. 

Went for vacation to escape the hectic days? Why not? ;)
Work hard for a certain time, but make sure your play is proportional to that of which you work.

And thank you to The Pulorejos for the great time we've spent together! Will miss you a lot!

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