Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Team, One Dream

Spent a week in Murnajati, Lawang, working on research project, daily discussions and.... Having fun. :p



Writing a research paper on medical science in difficult and not everyone can deal with this.
Thank God I worked in a team!

Although we've spent a week working on this research, I still do not ('till now, I repeat!) understand about SPSS. My applause goes to my captain, Eja, and his right-hand man, Popo, for running this program very well. I often saw them having a serious convo about analyzing data in SPSS. I felt bad for not understanding what they talked about and for not giving any help. I am terribly sorry, captain. :(

Beside the research, we also did the medical counseling/sharing to mothers with children under five about the importance of weight and height measurement in Posyandu. Anthropometric measures are important health indicators to assess children's growth and to evaluate their nutritional status. To improve health status of your children, please bring them to Posyandu every month to routinely measure weight and height, Moms! :)



And during this depressing week, we luckly had chances to seek for refreshments. Like Gwen Stefani said, 
I wanna get away, to our sweet escape...

We went to Burger Buto for first destination. They made HUGE burger that I could not finish. Look at the pic above: what they served in front of Yuga. Popo said it was a able-to-be-eaten vespa's wheel. :D

And on the last day of Murnajati, we also escaped to Kebun Teh, Lawang. Beaaaaaautifuuuuuuuuullll.


One week with perfectionist teacher, very well organized captain, craziest and funniest teammates.... Having them is not a punishment. It's called with a blessing. :')

One team. One dream. One mission accomplished!

There is no "I" in team, but there is "IN" in win. And the team with best players win. :)


Anonymous said...

Selalu saja....ulasan yg mempesona..

titis suprapto said...

Thank you :) I am flattered!