Friday, April 27, 2012

Farewell, Ophthalmology!

A pending post, hehe :p Since the Blogger's layout changed, I had (and still, am having) problems in posting. Maybe that's only me having difficulty, or still not well adapted with this new tools :p

During 4 weeks rotation in Department of Ophthalmology, we also went to Rumah Sakit Mata Undaan, Surabaya (a private hospital specializing exclusively in Ophthalmology). Only for three days, yet it had been enough for us to learn more about eyes and its equipments used in eye examination (which are not available in our hospital). And also for all three days, we had the famous Soto Ayam located in front of The Eye Hospital for brunch! This was the main purpose why we had been all here! To taste the delicious Soto Ayam Hartono :D

And on the last week of rotation, we also visited The Blind School. YPAB, which means Yayasan Pendidikan Anak Buta (School for Blind), also can be translated into another acronyms: Yakin Pasti Akan Berhasil (Will Succeed for Sure). Touching! :')

Ah finally... After an hour struggling for making this post and fixing it right! Well, one month I spent here in Ophthalmology Department will remains in my memory that lasts forever... (Alah) :p Before I post this writings, lemme write a hearfelt thank you note to my teachers: dr. Ni Nyoman Geriputri and dr. Nicholastri (hopefully I spelled their names right!). Thank you doc for being busy all day long teaching us, for a month of mentoring and .... helped us (especially me!) so much to improve skills. You both will continue to inspire us and may your recidency years go smoothly, may you successfully graduate and be great ophthalmologists! :)

Farewell, Ophthalmology!

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