Saturday, March 31, 2012

ORBIS, Fly to Save Sight Worldwide

Last Friday I (and my team-mates) had a huge big chance attending discussion forum and one live surgery at ORBIS, The Flying Eye Hospital :D

As we've already known, Indonesia has problems in managing health-care system. It's worsen by most of Indonesian who doesn't understand still about the importance of health. Patients postpone treatment because of one reason: the medical care costs high. It breaks my heart seeing lots of patients who should've suffered from illness if there's no delay in treatment come to our clinic with poorer prognosis.

Let's talk about the blindness. Rates of blindness in Indonesia still reaches high. In fact, 75% of blindness can be prevented and treated. Yet the expensive health care costs cause our people goes seeking alternative therapy and they decide to see a doctor at advanced stadium, after the alternative therapy doesn't work.

Luckily, since last month ORBIS team was coming to Surabaya (only Surabaya! yeay!), to help cure blindness through surgery. Their arrival brings much benefits for all: patients to undergo surgery for free, opthalmogists to discuss latest surgery technique, residents to learn more about opthalmology, and..... Interns to take photos with the plane and the professors. Hahaha!
Enjoy loads photos of us with
the ORBIS (which means Hunter), The Flying Eye Hospitals :)

And those are photos captured by Yuga and Iji. Thank you! :3

Hope to see you again next year! Ah and get to know ORBIS more here.

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