Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Luck comes to those who wait

Man shabara zhafira - luck comes to those who wait.

You must be familiar with those words, since Western has "Good things come to those who wait." Its sentence tells you to be patiently waiting. And keep praying. :)

Do not let the never ending difficulties make you doubt Man shabara zhafira.
Allah gives problems to strengthen you. He will not send anything that we can not bear. It may be easily to be spoken, yet true, I'm just trying to cheer up my self. Hehe!
If you have dream, keep dreaming of it, keep struggling to reach it,
never ever be pessimistic.
I truly believe, in the right time, right place, and right moment,
we're gonna achieve it all. :)

P.S. Everyday there will be someone or two who try to ruin your mood by words, acts or anything they can do. It's really annoying, I tell you. When you have been kind to them, and they replied your kindness with the opposite one, the one thing that pops up in your head is just like, any other untold harsh words. To cool down my self, I always try to laugh the not-good things off.
Laugh it off and be patient! And never plan revenge.

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