Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fairy tales do come true

Today, one of my best friends, my school-time partner, is getting engaged. This was successfully shocking me! Ah, yet still, touching. Have you been there, one peaceful afternoon and being surprised by messages nicely informed you: "Tis, I'm getting engaged."

I was speechless for seconds. Good Lord, oh my goodness.
She's everyday with me. Reviewing what we got from teachers in previous Morning Report. Discussing patients who're being hospitalized with their clinical cases. Laughing off our stupidities together. And now she's a fiancee of someone's else!

Days before the engagement, she told me something about her stories. Her love stories. That were very touching, and I was moved by hers. She has fairy tales come true. What were if, someone you truly believe you both were not meant to be, suddenly came and asked you to get married? Isn't that called with a fairy tale? :')

One thing I'm amazed about her is... She was very patient enough waiting for him. Without any guarantee that he will come back to her, she's still patiently waiting.

Nothing that's worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.
(Nicholas Sparks - Message in a Bottle)

Congratulations, dear best friend!
I am really happy for you both! And can't wait for the wedding day any longer! :)

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trixie said...

sapa ni tis? hhehehehh (petrux)