Saturday, January 1, 2011

WELCOME 2011, and welcome final exams!

Being busy with all the exam things made me out of reach ya?
These weeks are so damn hectic and tiring!
Everyday I have to wake up all night long, re-read all the handouts,
and being desperate on the last-year-exam that I can't answer rightly :,(

Another exam on next Monday; the Public Health one, the killer subject on this semester :(
So then I will not write much thing on this post. Next time, I promise!

dear Majesty,
on the next exams, when I choose the correct answer, keep it right,
when I am gonna choose the incorrect one, guide me to the correct answer,
and if I have answered the incorrect answer, please make it correct.. (buahaha)
amin ya rabbal alamin! :)

on this 2nd January, I'd like to say
Shinnen akemashite omedeto! Kono toshi mo yoroshiku! :)
Wish this new year brings us bigger hope, new success, better health and more prosperity!
Enjoy your new-year-weekends dearest readers! ;)

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