Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's My Birthday!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This Saturday feels special to me, because today is my birthdaaay!
I thank Allah for giving chance for me to see another year. Another year to experience happiness and joy to make memories. Another year to learn the life lessons. Another year to be thankful for all blessings.
I woke up today smiling. My boyfriend actually wanted to call me at 12 am, but we didn't make it. Thinking that I was sleeping peacefully, he didn't have a heart to make a birthday call, so he let me staying in deep sleep and decided to congratulate me in the morning. So if you ask me if what surprise I received at midnight, I didn't get any. XD
By the time I woke up, I looked up to my phone and found lots notifications telling me happy birthday. I got my dad, my little sis, and my boyfriend calling me. Dad was in Semarang for business trip, my little sis was at hospital for night shift, and my boyfriend was staying at home finishing household chores, and Mom was the only person who kissed me for a happy birthday. 

Around 11 am, my boyfriend came and brought me surprises. A cake, balloons, and a birthday gift (which is unwrapped and without any birthday card. It is so him!) were delivered to my doorstep. He forced himself to buy me cake and balloons at late night even he had no ride. Later I know he asked my bestfriend and my little sis a help. A sweet man and I'm a lucky girlfriend. :)

And here it is my birthday present: Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. It's described as GoPro Killer, a travel camera with wide angle lens. Though you're using GoPro and now I am on Xiaomi Yi's side, we will stay together no matter what (hahaha!) Thank you boyfriend, I love you! 

I also got delicious sushi package delivered today from kindhearted girl, Sofi. Between busy residency life and wedding preparation, she still remembered my birthday by sending me a thoughtful gift. And what's written on birthday card moved me. My another fave girl. :)

About 10 pm, someone surprised me by bringing her handmade pudding. Although she said it was all failed pudding, to me this is a perfect gift. I know her for years, and thanking Allah for sending me a good best friend. The one who always stays and supports, the perfectly imperfect girl I love, Olivia. I wish you all the best and may our friendship lasts forever as well!

I close the day by having birthday dinner with family and beloved ones. The love of a family is the life's greatest blessing, they said. My mom and dad are amazing and I'm lucky to have them as parents. It may take a lifetime, but I'll do everything to repay what they have done for me. Please stay healthy, mama papa, and thank you for showering me with unconditional love you have. Thank you for making me a girl I am today.

Many thank you to who remember the day I was born! Thank you for your kind wishes!

My famous little sister!!  She really is very annoying, but I love my baby sister further than to moon and back! Even I am out of words how I'm gonna thanking her. She's my treasure and I will keep her close forever. I love you dedeq and qooma (her 13 yo teddy bear) a lot!


You know what the hardest thing really is? To forbid my boyfriend uploading my alay photos!! 

Thank you for the birthday wishes, my sister from another mother, Dian. Even we rarely meet, you know I will be there whenever you need me. My colleague, my internship mate, my 'I know your dirty little secrets!!' partner (hahahaha). May you succeed everything in life too! We shall meet!

The stronges girl I've ever known. A girl with brave and big heart. Those compliments you mentioned me, I think you are the one who actually deserve: smart, pretty and thoughtful. In your case, it should be added 'strong and unbeatable'. Thank you for the kind wishes Wina, let's find happiness and be happy! You are hundred times prettier with your smile! :) 

I never thought she's still keeping the card and gift! A year ago, we were both medical residency entrance exam fighters. When the test results were announced, I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that I got accepted, but also sad knowing my dearest friend were not. I had no idea what to act towards her. To offer encourage words.. not. To text her and cheer her up.. not.  After all I decided to bring her a little gift and notes in it instead of saying it all by my self. I'm glad that she made through it and we are in the same team now. Be ready to be annoyed for the rest of your study years, Agit! XD

To everyone who congratulated me on my birthday through call, Line and Whatsapp chat, leaving birthday wishes in Path and Twitter, I cherish and thank you all! Each wishes mean a lot to me and definitely made my day. May all the good wishes return to you all. :)

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