Thursday, February 12, 2015

Be Kind

Remember a patient with Ca cervix and Deep Vein Thrombosis I told you in my last post?
She sent us lunch boxes. Yummy nasi kuning (yellow Indonesian rice) and grilled chicken! Happy!

What new about me is.. I cut my hair off. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. At first I wanted to keep my hair long and curly, like pretty Korean actress Park Shin Hye, but then I realized my workplace didn't support me with those hairstyle. It's pretty hot in Cardiology ward, so it will be quite difficult to keep the long curly hair and make it last. So I finally had the gut to cut it, and voila! New me with short-bob hair. :)

Just in few months being a resident, I learnt to be more patient and kind. Sometimes it got me on my nerve when someone rudely spoke to me. Meeting mean people I might dislike but still I have to be nice is challenging. It's not called with two-faced, but it's more like being mature, dealing with all the rudeness and approaching situation calmly. Most of times, I moved on and just restored my sanity by banishing this kind of person from my thoughts. Still, how people could be able to say such harmful words to others is beyond me. Making fun of others about their limitations has never been funny.

"There is enough pain in this world, it does not need anymore suffering. Be kind."

So there, be kind. Good night.

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