Sunday, October 19, 2014

To Zero Point

It's been a long, rough and tough journey. But I'm glad finally I got enough guts up to fight against my self. And this is the right time to drown all the sorrow and make my own time to heal all the pain. 

Why I end up here is a first question that I have to answer before keep going on writing. I just don't know. Maybe by throwing up some sentences that sound trashy, it can lift up most of burden on my shoulders without being asked by anyone else. The best therapy I need: silence and peace.

Failure is not that bad, you know? It will bring you to zero point, a silent and peaceful place where you can introspect, to look up to your self with your own conscious thoughts and feelings. To investigate the steps you went wrong. To evaluate the result you have achieved. To realize that actually you have nothing permanently, so when you have it, you will appreciate more.

Zero point is where you surrender all the worries to Allah, put trust in Him, and let Him decide.

Please welcome me, zero point. I promise I will be good. :)

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