Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fourth of July

Guess what day that day was! :)

I got lot of wishes. I'm grateful to be surrounded by good and kindhearted people. :) The day before, I was totally in bad mood because seemed like no one remembered my special day. Even my parents did not say things like "Tomorrow is your birthday!" or asked me "What gift do you want for your birthday?" :p And someone I care the most planned to work a night shift right on July 4th. They really ruined my day!
But at 12 am, that someone knocked the door and surprised me by bringing the birthday cake and candles on it, and it got me speechless. He drove five hours more to see me, to attend my own party. Later I knew that all my roommates got participated in this little surprise. And what got me burst into tears was the fact that he had to go back at 2 am to attend morning report. Surabaya-Ngawi-Surabaya in a day. I'm forever blessed. :")

He brought me Apple pie. He said, this was the only cake that could be assembled up to 4 hours in advance (while driving Surabaya - Ngawi takes 5 hours or more). Even it's not my fave cheese cake, I'll eat them til the last piece. :p 

And the birthday presents! A lovely watch he chose looks good on me. :) Haruki Murakami 1Q84 which I postponed to buy because of its price, :p and cute Pooh band aid I may not use. Too cute!! Thank you will be not enough. :')

Birthday wishes I received today. Not all of them I posted here, I apologize for the ones which couldn't be uploaded. May the same wishes go back to you all.. Thank you very much! :')

Thank you pretty girl, Agit! :)

Thank you berry much for the photo collages you made, dearest Olip! I love you to the moon and back! :)

And another birthday wishes I received from Puskesmas Ngrambe crews. They are all sweet, aren't they? :)

Shocked by the sweet surprise at afternoon. All internship mates (except those who was working shift) came and sang me Happy Birthday. :')

I got Winnie The Pooh (absolutely my fave!!) car accessories and handsanitizer from The Big 5 (minus me). Thank you Novina, Intan, Leo and Ari for the cute presents and also lovely birthday card! :)

Thank you everyone for the kindness you showed me, also birthday wishes you sent me, may all the same good wishes go back to you too. And thank You Allah for grant me the precious moment to remember.. and another year to life. May I bring happiness and joy to surroundings, to make my parents and loved ones proud. :)


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wew, so special