Saturday, February 16, 2013

About The Giving Up

As I have graduated med school, I do have lots spare time at home (while waiting for internship year begins). Don't have the chances to do the private practice -simply, unemployed and not working- (we are not allowed without having SIP and STR), so what I did during my leisure time is.. this.

Tried to bake some cakes yesterday and I... ruined it. It went bantet and the cream cheese frosting tasted eneg.

I followed a cupcake recipe I found on a blog, and both the cakes and frosting came out not well as I have expected. I was thinking of perfectly adapting the recipe but I am quite dissapointed with the result and try rethinking what went wrong.  But I believe in power of "Practice makes perfect", so will try again and next time will be better! :)

This in only baking cake. Another failed-things-I-have-accomplished- list is still, yet to come. *tearing*

At first I felt like giving up. I might be not good in cooking, hehehe, really. I ruined every recipe I tried. But then I came to realize that I was too easy to give up and not try. Although the cakes I baked didn't taste as good as the ones I bought in one of  famous cakes and pastries shop here, still, there's always who appreciates what I've done. The smiles on their face when I gave them these bantet cakes... priceless. :') (Papa got teary and smiled widely when received this!)

You always deserve a reward for your hard work (even if it was failed), a reminder that you have done your best; at least you've tried. All the hard work will be paid off, even if it's not today, someday will be. Do not overthink and just stop worrying. As long as you're trying the bestest you can, you will successfully reach the goals. And dreams. Remember, Allah always listens and Allah never sleeps. :)

As Fairy Godmother in Cinderella said, Even miracles take a little time.  Miracles happen to those who believe in them, and to those who work hard for it. It can be hard to stay motivated, and when the motivation know, fading away, try to be focus on the goal you're trying to achieve. See how far you've come,  I guarantee you'll live with regret for your whole life if you decide to quit. ;) Keep moving forward and not looking back, let Allah lead you to where you are meant to be. This is not only about baking cupcakes, but also the times you've spent overthinking and worrying. 
You can never please everyone. That's not your job tho. You'll never be able to make everyone happy. All the decisions made during the journey, we can never know for sure when we make the right one or not. One of them might be like a ticking time bomb ready to apply damage were it can hurt the most, but once again, give the best you can. All the good will follow after. Maybe not today, but tomorrow someday.

Allah, I truly believe miracles happen everyday, and may I ask You for one?
Please lead my way, give me strength and power to continue,
Bless me with good vision so I can clearly see which is good and which one is not,
I know You will make a way through this chaos, because I believe You're good always. :)

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pup said...

the bantet was sooo delicious!