Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Reminder

"We grow, we deliberately forget things,
Some of it happy, most of it sad,

Keep it as a tiny piece of memory in the secluded alley of our labyrinth 
called brain, 

For the sake of our sanity, functionality and ultimately,
Life, which must go on, 

We then emerge as a brand new one, 
Looks alright,
Healthy, sane,
At the same time bearing scars,

Scary, frightening,
But maybe that's being adult.
Being scary.

Or so everyone's been doing."

(RAH, 31/12/2012)

My best friend sent me this while counting down to new year. "This is meant for you after all," he said.
Then I replied, "Being adult means being scared, but we also conquer that fear." :)

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