Monday, October 15, 2012

The Silver Lining

Above all, I'd like to thank Almighty Allah, all praise and gratefulness is due to Allah Subhana Wa Taaala, the One gave me the strength to complete this 'work'. I really thank You for the uncountable blessings. :')

At first I thought I would not make this: to survive a can't-be-measured yard fall. I was that pessimistic. But see me now, I am alive. I did get by. I survived!

When the darkest cloud blinded me by hiding sunshine, I'd known it was trying to tell me not to be weak, to bounce back after I touch the ground, to pick myself up after hitting rock. Failure is painful, but only through the failure we eventually meet with success. It took long and difficult road, but it was the only way out.

I chose to walk and believe in that path then I saw the beautiful silver lining came out between the dark clouds. That was the time I recovered and gained back my ability to see.

A silver lining... that bring me home. :)

Without the darkest cloud, I might be not able to find the lining, or the lining couldn't reach me if the sun and clouds were not playing hide and seek. Clouds may come, but clouds must go. For behind each cloud you know, the sun is shining. To the darkest cloud, thank you for guiding me to the silver lining. :)

I am walking into the lining now. Hope all is well with the journey. It's not always a smooth one, but I am pretty sure I will make it. The success of surviving previous failure gives me confidence that high. There may be some rough patches in between I have to face, but I will try my best. Navigate yourself to success as its destination and when you spend times not knowing which way to go... Follow the light. Walking in to the silver lining. You'll end up arriving at happy ending.

Dear silver lining, just keep shining to lead my way! :)

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