Sunday, September 16, 2012

For Infinity and Beyond

This is a story of Cinderella nowdays,
who has just survived from this very, very cruel world and still keeps her faith in fairytales. :)

One day, she came re-birth in this bitter world, still in swollen red eyes she tried to see the universe, and she found out that she landed in a place where no one knows her. To her, everything was extremely different with the previous beautiful world she'd been living in. She was afraid to open her eyes at first, she was afraid to be hurt again.

That was a rainy day when she sit down quietly in a noisy ward. No one noticed that there's someone on the corner, getting trapped in somewhere she didn't want to stay. She had been waiting for long hours until he showed up all of sudden, made his way through the crowd and greeted her with his widest smile.  She looked up, wanted to know who was coming. She saw a prince in green, walking closer to her, smiling over the crowd around. His voice was calm (more than) enough to make her feel safe and peaceful. His jokes were hillarious until she couldn't be able to stop laughing. His brown eyes were big, and the look in his eyes, as he stared in to hers, had never left her. At that moment, she knew she fell in love with the prince charming.

This modern prince is that lovable. And smart. And everything good he has. He's a man with lots of unexpected surprises. Everyday that goes by it seems like she discovers something new about him to love.

"He's one (very) responsible person, who places his patients at first. He's fluent in English and he speaks Dutch. He's such a nerdy bookworm that can't leave the textbooks and handouts unread. He scored very good marks. He's knowledgeable in everything. He's a walking dictionary and living Mr. Google. He's photography enthusiast. He bought 1980s made Polaroid camera instead of today's Instax instant camera. An Apple minded. Sometimes sleepy headed."

"He never failed to curve my lips up into a smile without even trying," she said, smiling widely. "He never failed since the first time we met."

"He's the funniest, craziest, yet sweetest man in one packaging."
"The one that always found me through his radar when I'd got lost."
"He never leaves."
"He has been very good companion so far. Even the worst time, he stayed."

She will spent hours to describe him. She's never been out of words.
That time, you can see how her eyes shine brightly when she talks about him. :)

It's amazing, and incredible how one person make such a big difference in your dark life. He didn't need to say a thing to change everything. He englightens in silence. He's the perfect pair.

"Among millions people on earth, there's only one person who will walk into your life and have a longlast stay... And he's the perfect pair. The perfect match."

In life, you need to find a piece of missing puzzle to complete you. One piece that finish the game. One piece which is intended to put together with other pieces in a logical way in order to come up with the desired solution. One piece of happiness that must be difficult to find. And if you've finally found that one missing puzzle piece, be grateful. :)
We might not know what will happen tomorrow... But as long as we keep trying, and not stop fighting, we will find a way. Just don't say, Let's follow the lines, because everything's been written. That doesn't mean you only wait and see where Allah brings you to. You're created to do something, to make changes. Never give up, The Almighty is closer than you think!

"He didn't promise anything he might break. He only wants to prove me that he does something, not only promises. And so far, I can see the efforts he made for me. Afterward, he will be there, with me, at the right place and at the right time. We'll stay through the hard times, and not willing to leave each other. I trust him." :)

Buzz Lightyear: "Whatever happens, at least we'll be together."
Woody: "For infinity and beyond."

NB: Again, I borrowed someone's love story to be written down here. I and she were that close until I know every piece of journey she had been through. Because she deserves happiness... More than happiness. To heal the wounded is not that easy as it seems, you know? :) 
I hope I wrote your story good and as sweet as I could, and not looked like lovebirds in urgently need to get a room. Once again, congratulations! ;)

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