Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obgyn Rotation: A Lesson in Witnessing Birth

I actually finished my Obstetric and Gynecology rotation last week... But never been late to post something interesting about the daily activities, right? :)

At first, before I go explaining about what we did here, I'd like to introduce our small group members. I was really grateful to be in the same group with them. We had same vision and mission, we scored same level of pathologic changes. (Hahahaha!) They were easy to deal and discuss with. I really love them!

L to R: Reza, Bobby, me, Dhinta, Ricky, Bagus, Putu

But we were never called with the real names. :p

L to R: Kak Eja, Kak Raisa, Pak Chief, Mamah Dhinta, Papa Ricky, Kak Utup and Cepi
One more member, Mama Melisa, unfortunately couldn't make the photo with us :(

Friends who had finished this rotation always said spending time in this Department was fun. I second that. That two months was really tiring, yet still enjoyable. Witnessing and helping a mom giving birth, also seeing a baby opening their eyes for the first time, you know, that's priceless! :)

Beside the delivery process, we also learned woman's health here. Still today, cervical cancer is the most prevalent cancer that attacks woman. On one night shift, I listened to story of one patient with advanced grade of cervical cancer that receiving chemotherapy. "I only want to live few weeks longer, nak," she said. "So I can go home and celebrate Idul Fitri at home with my family." Soon you'll be home, mam. Be strong lil bit more, will you please? :')

And I really like to visit patients and listen to their stories. After finishing their stories, they always sent me good prayers:
"Semoga jadi dokter yang sukses ya nak... Ibu doakan cepet lulus, lancar sekolah dan jodohnya. Juga selalu ingat sama orang miskin seperti Ibu."
(May you be a successful doctor... I'll pray for you to graduate soon, your co-assistant programs go smooth, and be closer to your life partner. And always remember the poor like me.") This simple thing pays off every hard work! :)

L to R: Pandu, Iti, Bobby, Iji, Dani, me, Windra, Jemmy, Eja, Syahrir, Popo, Zia, Mul, Shinta

I am really thankful for having groupmates like them. Bach of 2007 and 2008 that mixing well together into one small group. I'm actually having difficulties in getting involved with new people. But that noon, I remembered the first time I met one of them, as night shift partner, and he came late. 
"Maaf ya mbak aku telat.... Aku tersesat dan tak tahu arah jalan pulang.." 
("I am sorry for being late... I got lost and couldn't find the way back home." It's a line from Butiran Debu. Hahaha. Since that, he, and they always left me laughing out loud!) :)

At last, I wish Cepi, Dhinta, Ricky and Utup to succeed their upcoming Obgyn OSCE exams.
And bach 2007, me, Eja, Bobby and Melisa also passed the exams!

I thank Obgyn department for the greatest experiences. And congratulations to all mummies who gave births in a safe and sound way. To all cancer patients, be strong and tough, because Allah never puts us through anything that we can't handle. :)

"To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the world miracle." 
-Paul Carvel

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