Friday, August 5, 2011

Hardly Radiology

DONE *caps lock activated* with Radiology....! Alhamdulillah.
Today we've just had post test called OSCE
(I even do not know what OSCE stands for hihihi)
So we moved from one station to another station,
in each station we "read" the photos and also made differential diagnosis from what photos "tell".
If you don't spend more than minutes standing in front of x-rays,
pushing your left brain to analyze ten photos, you will get nothing!
You did your job, my dear left brain! ;*

"Radiology is all about interpret black and white, also the gray area that matters most." -Me ;D

NB: Ramadhan fasting is coming! Tim Hore already had the first breaking-fast together at Food Fest Pakuwon. Quality time. :)

And Radiology Department has the coziest musholla I've ever known.
I wish each department in our hospital has this kinda comfy place to pray...

Anyway, Happy Fasting everyone!
See you on our next stop: Neurology Department! ;)

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