Saturday, February 5, 2011

Being strong

"You said I remember how we felt sitting by the water,
And every time I look at you, it's like the first time,
I fell in love with the careless man's careful daughter,
She's the best thing that's ever been mine.."
(Mine - Taylor Swift)

I have been trying to pretend that I am okay,
and I never get my stories shared to others.
I have been holding these tears very hard,
so no one will see me crying.
The more they kick me down,
the higher I stand up,
because being strong is the only choice I have.

Never let someone knows your weakness,
never ask someone help you to go to your turning point,
trust me,
your own power is beyond enough to face the ones who hate you,
who laugh at you, who pity you..
you're gonna show them what you deserve.
And sure they'll feel so terribly sorry for what they have done to you! :)

#I do know that the lyrics I've written above and the post are not connected to each,
but they're all what come from the deepest part of me,
The very weak my self and super strong me. :)

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