Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fairytales :)

Are you in love?
Or in hard times caused by broken heart?
No matter what parts you're in, we're all on our process being mature(er).

You may cry all night long, you may think you're the most sadden girl in the whole world.
Think again, there's more more people out there needs other's help to keep them alive.
No one deserves your tears, note it..

Don't say, he's my prince and I'm not his cinderella..
The fact is, he's not your prince and you're not his cinderella.

And why can not you both be together?
Because you belong to someone better. Trust me!

Fairy tales aren't just stories, they're written dreams.
You write its ending, and make it happily ever after!

Let the right one comes to you, be patient.
In fairy tales they don't find each other until the last page. :)

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